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Leverage your mounting connected car data with Data Exchange

Electrification, advancing car autonomy, strict regulatory emission requirements, improving connectivity and more are contributing to the rising evolution in the mobility industry. The volume of data produced by high tech mobility - such as connected cars - is both extensive and multiplying.

The future of the automotive industry includes harnessing the power of this mobility data to perpetuate growth across the entire ecosystem, as well as safety and sustainability improvements and the creation of compelling new value-added driver services. Data can also be commercialized as an entirely new revenue source. 

Dawex Data Exchange technology powers safe, compliant, and optimized data circulation across the automotive and mobility industries. It fuels improved customer driving experiences, enhances operational efficiencies, and enables safe, sustainable transportation practices for better living. 

Maximize data’s value and ensure data privacy compliance

Connected car data stems from numerous sources including vehicle OEMs, in-car sensors, and expanding V2X infrastructure technology in today’s smart cities. With Dawex Data Exchange Platform, these data can circulate securely across the entire ecosystem for improved productivity and data commercialization opportunities. In compliance with GDPR, Dawex technology has also been designed with the required features to adapt to other personal data regulations, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD) in Brazil or the Act on Protection of Personal Information (APPI) in Japan as well as the future EU Data Governance Act.

Overall, the automotive data market could reach between $250 and $400 billion by 2030, thanks to growth in the volume of data generated - according to KPMG.

KPMG Report - ”Monetization of automotive data -  What opportunities are presented by the liberalization of access to data?" - May 2023

Afteriize, the automotive Data Marketplace created by Mobivia, powered by Dawex technology

Mobivia creates Afteriize, the first Data Marketplace specialized in the automotive and individual mobility sector relying on Dawex Data Exchange technology. Afteriize becomes the orchestrator of a large data ecosystem valorizing its full potential through Data Exchange.

Mobivia is the leader in mobility and multi-brand car maintenance under Midas, Norauto and ATU banners, with 2,000 customer contact points present in 18 countries and more than 50 millions customers. Through this deployment, Afteriize automotive & mobility Data Marketplace facilitates the circulation, distribution, exchange and monetization of non-personal data to foster data-powered innovations.

Listen to Ludovic Codeluppi, Business Data Lead at Afteriize, explaining why Mobivia turned to Dawex to boost its data strategy.

Highway construction, equipment and safety industries

Driver and road safety

Connected car data make roads safer for drivers and the surrounding community. When securely distributed and exchanged on a data marketplace, the extended ecosystem can make informed, life saving decisions, including:

  • Airbag deployments and hard braking data to assist transportation planners improve trouble areas
  • Driver habit and speed data to improve roadside construction safety
  • Timely, in-car alerts warning drivers of danger ahead

Car manufacturers and dealerships

Electric vehicle services

Global electric vehicle sales will increase 29% by 2030, according to Deloitte. Improve these growing number of driver experiences by using connected car data, and make it easily available to other organizations that support the ecosystem either directly or indirectly. Data Exchange technology allows you to securely share insights, including:

  • Historical driving patterns that inform optimal placement of charging stations
  • Driver habit data that supports mobile charging applications simplify the drivers’ experience
  • Battery lifecycle data with nearby recycling options to encourage efficiency and reuse

Public sector and smart cities

Efficient, sustainable transportation

Shaping a happy, healthy tomorrow means more efficient, sustainable practices today. 

As emission regulations become increasingly stringent around the globe, help drivers reduce their carbon outputs through the safe exchange of data with smart city infrastructure is essential. Data exchange technology eases the flow of data, including:

  • Congested traffic patterns so drivers can plan faster routes or travel at less busy times
  • Traffic flow so smart cities can implement dynamic speed limits
  • Driver trends to create on-demand mobility services and car sharing subscriptions

Transportation and supply chain

Predictive maintenance for your fleet

Understanding driver usage will help predict needed maintenance. Exchanging vehicle diagnostic data as well as trend information with service providers via a data marketplace will help avoid breakdowns and ensure your fleet remains fully operational and efficient, including: 

  • Integrate car manufacturer data with your driver usage patterns to predict when parts must be replaced
  • Monitor real-time vehicle health data such as tire pressure and geolocation for fastest fixes
  • Compile data points on incident commonality by vehicle type and region

Insurance ecosystem

Innovative insurance services

Bring to market creative and next generation insurance products and services leveraging connected car data. Exchanging driving patterns and vehicle diagnostic data with Insurance companies through a Data Exchange Platform improves efficiency and decision making for enhanced customer experience, including: 

  • Deliver usage-based insurance such as pay-as-you-drive to respond to new consumption modes 
  • Facilitate driver assistance and accelerate claim processing thanks to real-time incident reporting 
  • Extend customized insurance products by monitoring driver behaviour patterns

Drive business with data leveraging Automotive Data Exchange solutions

Dawex helps organizations from the automotive industry accelerate their data exchange strategy and gain thrust on their roadmap. Get insight on how to organize data circulation inside or outside your company, and become the orchestrator of your data hub.

Dawex already steers players from the Automotive industry in building their Data Exchange strategy. Dawex Advisory Services guide organizations in the automotive ecosystem towards the creation of new business opportunities and a data-driven strategy. 

Meet business challenges with Data Exchange

Data Exchange technology delivers a safe and secure environment for optimized data circulation, mitigating risks. It also improves an organization’s productivity and efficiency through enhanced data sourcing and data valorization. 

Data Exchange solutions unfasten untapped revenue sources, enable the development of innovative products and services and, increase company valuation.


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