Data is the new fuel of the automobile industry. Data is the focus for all stakeholders in the sector, from manufacturers and equipment providers to dealers and fleet managers.


Distributors can recommend offers that are increasingly well adapted for their clients by combining commercial data collected from the web and dealer locations with driving data provided by on-board vehicle computers.


Connected cars generate data concerning both driving patterns and vehicle operation. This information is highly valuable for improving client relations and helping to make cars increasingly reliable and performant.

Highway with cars driving to and from a large city

Equipment providers

Equipment providers are at the heart of the transition from cars to connected objects. Automobile parts provided to manufacturers are equipped with sensors that generate technical and behavioral data for the entire automobile ecosystem.

Automobile fleets

Now benefiting from reliable information transmitted in real-time by on-board computers, fleet managers can optimize the use of their vehicles and make recommendations to drivers regarding eco-driving.

Vehicle fleet parked in parking lot

Connected objects

Various startups now offer communications modules that plug into the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port, communicating wirelessly with smartphone applications that let you check generated data directly.