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Thousands of public and private organizations worldwide rely on Dawex technology to source and exchange data securely.


Agdatahub, a groundbreaking agricultural Data Exchange

Agdatahub’s shareholders envisioned a secure platform for exchanging data and APIs for the agricultural ecosystem, that would help stakeholders adapt to changing markets, stay competitive and generate value from data they capture every day. 

Agdatahub is relying on Dawex Data Exchange technology to operate the first secure ecosystem for the European agricultural community to disseminate, exchange, share and draw value from data on an independent platform.

Today, Agdatahub enables participants in the French and European agricultural sectors to innovate, compete globally and use data as a lever for growth.



Japan Data Exchange, fostering a Japanese data trading market

Since the advocacy of "Data Free Flow with Trust" at the Osaka G20 Summit in 2019, Japan has actively been working to define data trading rules and regulations. 

In September 2020 Kanematsu and Japan Data Exchange launched JDEX, an innovative platform powered by Dawex Data Exchange technology and aiming at promoting secure data exchange in Japan and fostering a strong data community in the country. 

The Japan Data Exchange enables public and private organizations to source, exchange and monetize data securely, accelerating the Japanese economy digital transition.


Relying on Dawex expertise and technology

They also have positioned Data Exchange as part of their organizations’ strategies

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A European leader in retail for automotive launches its Data Marketplace powered by Dawex technology.

By implementing its Data Exchange Platform, our customer takes leadership in the orchestration of Data Exchange in the retail for automotive sector, allowing him to distribute, exchange and commercialize data products securely, in compliance with regulations.

It all started with Dawex Data Exchange Advisory Services workshops where a comprehensive data exchange strategy and roadmap was defined with our experts.

By implementing Dawex Data Exchange technology technology, our customer facilitates access to data products, accelerates data circulation and monetization, and orchestrates a retail for automotive data ecosystem.

Thanks to this data marketplace, the entire sector can propose new services, improve productivity and efficiency, mitigate risk and generate new revenue streams.



Space Data Marketplace, the one-stop shop where data partnerships in the spatial industry happen.

Space data holds stunning insights for many organizations coming from multiple sectors. Democratizing its access will lead to more innovations through the development of new data-driven services and solutions.

Space Data Marketplace has been launched to facilitate access to space data and create value for the whole space industry in France, Europe and internationally, by offering inspiring use cases. Space Data Marketplace promotes a trusted data exchange and data sharing environment to build strong data partnerships, foster creativity and renew business opportunities, boosting the development of the space industry.

Supported by the French Recovery Plan and the French space government agency CNES, Space Data Marketplace, powered by Dawex Data Exchange technology, brings together the best-in-class technological, industrial and innovative leaders in France and Europe.


Data Exchange is increasingly part of organizations’ agendas

They are also relying on Dawex expertise and technology

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Alentour’s tourism data hub powered by Dawex technology

To accelerate the digitization of the tourism industry, tourism professionals need to gain facilitated access to data with their ecosystem in order to propose memorable adventures.

To enrich the travelers’ experience by offering a simplified digitized access to personalized, bookable lists of local tourism and leisure activities, Alentour relies on Dawex Data Exchange technology to support the transformation of the tourism sector by facilitating data circulation in a secure and compliant Data Hub. Thanks to Dawex Data Exchange Platform, tourism professionals can source, distribute and exchange data securely.

By operating the tourism data hub, Alentour orchestrates a vast ecosystem of data providers and acquirers, builds strong data partnerships in the tourism sector, ensures secure data sharing amongst multiple stakeholders and facilitates the orchestration of various data services and tools.



NumAlim, shaping the future of the agrifood industry with the first data and services exchange hub.

Data related to the food industry are highly strategic to better address critical challenges such as transparency to consumers, trust, and companies’ competitiveness.

To facilitate access to data for quality and sustainable food, and unite businesses and consumers around food data, NumAlim called for a Data Exchange Platform with sophisticated features to fulfil its vision.

18,000 member organizations will rely on the NumAlim Hub, powered by Dawex Data Exchange technology, to valorize, acquire and enrich data —nurturing new business opportunities for the sector.



The largest 2-sided Global Data Marketplace

Dawex operates the Global Data Marketplace, where thousands of organizations worldwide, from 20+ industries -such as agriculture, air & space, automobile, financial services & insurance, construction, energy, logistics & transportation, retail, telco, travel & hospitality- meet to sell, buy and share data securely, in full compliance with regulations.

Dawex Global Data Marketplace is built upon Dawex Data Exchange technology and offers multiple data exchange use cases and business models including open data, paid and free data exchanges. 

On the platform, data providers can highlight the value of their data while retaining full control over the distribution and configuration of usage rights. The Global Data Marketplace enables organizations to find the most relevant data sources, to schedule recurring data exchanges over time, and to receive notifications on new data opportunities.



COVID-19 Data Exchange, an initiative to curb the virus’ propagation and limit its economic impact

From the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, various institutions like the World Health Organization or the European Union stressed that facilitating data circulation was critical to impede the virus’ dissemination and address the consequences it generated. 
In March 2020, Dawex launched the COVID-19 Data Exchange, a pro bono initiative aiming at facilitating the access and exchange of non-personal data between public and private organizations.

Dawex partnered with Microsoft in this initiative and major organizations like University of Tokyo, Business France, Caisse des Dépôts Groupe or France Digitale supported and engaged in the data exchange project.


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