Data Exchange technology

Orchestrate your data ecosystem relying on open, compliant, secure and trustworthy technology, and building Data Exchange solutions to distribute or share data products.

As an organization, you may have various data exchange objectives, from a strategy of data monetization to a strategy of operational improvements by sharing data with suppliers and partners.

Whichever data exchange model your organization wants to implement, you need to rely on a technology that natively responds to business and technical challenges that arise when exchanging data at scale such as: trust in data transactions, compliance with regulations, security and privacy requirements, flexibility of the business modeling and of the governance models, performance and interoperability of the solutions.

Dawex Data Exchange technology addresses all above challenges, enabling organizations to operate data exchange in a secure data ecosystem at drastically reduced time and effort.


Trust is an essential pillar of data exchange to build flourishing data ecosystems that bring together organizations from different horizons. With Dawex Data Exchange technology, organizations can exchange and share data products in full confidence, keeping control over who accesses the data, for which purpose and under which terms and conditions.

Trust-building features include:

  • Strict and controlled onboarding processes
  • Trusted identities and flexible role management
  • Full control over visibility and access to data products, at every step of the data transaction
  • Regulation-proof data licensing and policies management
  • Secured and traceable data transactions
  • Auditability



Data regulations, such as the Data Governance Act (DGA) and the future Data Act (DA) are powerful tools to facilitate and accelerate secure and trusted data exchanges. These regulations will define the conditions to exchange data in trusted environments, and open a whole new world of possibilities for organizations to develop new and innovative data exchange services. Dawex Data Exchange technology delivers:

  • Compliance with personal data regulations
  • Compliance with data exchange regulations
  • Compliance with the latest Gaia-X Trust Framework

det-compliance -personal-data-regulations


Security, and data privacy, are fundamental for a trusted data exchange ecosystem. At Dawex, security is paramount. Dawex teams aim at constantly maintaining the highest security standards to exchange data securely and easily. Dawex Data Exchange technology provides and ensures:

  • State-of-the-art security protocols at all stacks throughout the Data Exchange Platform, including  strong encryption of all data transiting through the platform, 2FA, OWASP rulesets implementation,
  • Frequent and thorough penetration tests
  • Implementation of robust key management protocols and digital signature mechanisms
  • SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 audit reports

Flexibility and business orientation

Data ecosystems come in many forms, and can have many different business goals, with different types of governance and business relationships between participants. Most of all, data exchange models and business goals can evolve over time, requiring to manage several business or pricing models, or to combine Data Hub and Data Marketplace capabilities. To help orchestrators develop successful data ecosystems on the long term, Dawex provides a fully flexible solution:

  • A configurable, white label solution thought for business and operations
  • Capacity to combine Data Marketplace and Data Hub models
  • Configurable taxonomies to facilitate specific sectoral use cases
  • Customizable business models for the data ecosystem orchestrator
  • Customizable pricing for data providers
  • Flexible and user-friendly contracting and licensing processes


Participants [to data marketplaces] are attracted to diverse third-party asset selection, simplified procurement and data access/integration, reduced operating/transaction costs and the opportunity to enrich existing data assets.

Gartner introduces data marketplaces and exchanges as “Innovation Trigger” with rating “High Benefit”.

Gartner - Hype Cycle for Data Management 2022 Report

Performant and open architecture

Data ecosystems, in particular when it comes to Industry Data Hubs, are often built on several technologies, applications and data platforms that need to interoperate seamlessly to support the use cases of the data ecosystem. Cornerstone of such ecosystems, Dawex Data Exchange technology has been designed to fulfill these requirements, such as:

  • Open standards and microservice architecture to facilitate the interoperability with applicative stacks
  • Cloud agnostic technology supporting various deployment configurations and interoperability with disparate storage infrastructures
  • High performance, availability, scalability and resilience