Data Exchange, a must-have capability

Data Exchange technology is at the heart of innovation and of new business models creation empowering organizations to source, monetize, exchange data and create data partnerships.

Why Data Exchange?

In every industry, the ability of organizations to exchange data internally and externally is a powerful enabler to solving business challenges driven by rapidly evolving customer needs, dramatic societal and environmental changes.

With the explosive growth of data supply and demand, smart use of internal and external data is critical to maximize value creation by improving efficiency and productivity, generating direct and indirect revenue streams and increasing company value. Data exchanges and data marketplaces accelerate and facilitate data circulation amongst many stakeholders, allowing them to source, distribute, monetize and exchange data securely, in full compliance with regulations.

In line with your business goals and data strategy, Dawex Data Exchange technology allows you to deploy free or monetized business models and multiple use cases including internal data exchange, data sourcing, free data sharing, open data, data monetization and data marketplace orchestration between customers, suppliers, partners, subsidiaries and many other organizations. Dawex Data Exchange technology adds powerful governance, security and traceability layers to help organizations industrialize and scale data exchange activities. It also supports various data exchange models, from managed to decentralized to hybrid, that will meet your data exchange requirements and adapt to your infrastructure precisely.

Data Exchange is a must-have capability for organizations seeking to become truly data-driven —improving efficiency, generating new direct and indirect revenue streams, mitigating risks and increasing company value.

Why now?

Data exchange and data marketplaces are now clearly top of the agenda of an increasing number of corporations, public institutions and governments around the world.

Facts speak for themselves:

  • Leading corporations and industry consortiums are launching and operating specialized data marketplaces with a vertical and/or regional focus
  • Government-funded initiatives for the deployment of organized data marketplaces serving private and public stakeholders are multiplying
  • Countries and supranational institutions are adopting new regulations to facilitate the flow of data across organizations, while protecting data owners (EU GDPR, EU Free flow of non-personal data, California Consumer Privacy Act, …)
  • Associations grouping public and private organizations are defining new frameworks for data exchanges and monetization to facilitate interoperability and build trust among data acquirers and providers

The Data Exchange award-winning technology

Dawex is committed to delivering the most advanced, sophisticated and complete data exchange solutions and technology to accelerate and facilitate data circulation amongst public and private organizations worldwide.

Our data exchange technology is uniquely positioned as the leading solution on the market -and will remain so in the future- thanks to:

  • Our clear market vision and connection to thousands of organizations already using our products on a daily basis
  • Our continuous investments in researching the latest advancements in technology, data science and security
  • Years of collaboration and contribution to European and international institutions and associations advancing data exchange policies
“Data exchanges can help people and societies get the most out of the digital age, unlocking value, driving economic growth and spreading the benefits more equitably. The Japanese government has been actively exploring the adoption of data exchanges and welcomes this important new global initiative.”
Takuya Hirai, Minister for Digital Transformation, Government of Japan.
World Economic Forum, Data for Common Purpose Initiative Announcement, Dec 2020

Data Exchange Platform, uplifting your data community

A data exchange platform where organizations can orchestrate data circulation by sourcing, distributing and exchanging data with their ecosystem. The solution supports multiple data exchange use cases, free or monetized, including internal data sharing, data sourcing, free data sharing, data monetization and data marketplace orchestration.

Inspiration comes from peers

Data Exchange is now on top of the agenda of a growing number of public and private organizations. Today, thousands of organizations rely on Dawex Data Exchange technology to engage with their data ecosystem and gain full potential from data.

Japan Data Exchange

Global Data Marketplace

All industries can benefit from Data Exchange

In all industries, data exchanges are critical to solving problems that naturally extend beyond enterprise boundaries. Accessing relevant external data and combining them with internal sources create competitive advantage and is a key differentiator of data-savvy organizations.

There are use cases for each industry that can be adapted depending on business requirements and challenges.