Build powerful data-driven innovation plans

Source, connect, and validate ideas with Data Exchange

The very best ideas are data-driven

Maybe you are searching for your organization’s next big idea. Or you might be looking to validate what seem to be promising projects. From the next game-changing market disruption to thoughts on incremental process or product improvements, data gives Chief Data Officers, Chief Innovation Officers and innovation experts the insights needed to generate, programitize, and measure the innovation that will propel your company to new heights. Data Exchange technology facilitates data discovery and optimizes data circulation across your ecosystem securely and in full compliance with data regulations.

Solving some of your greatest growth challenges

As Chief Innovation Officer and innovation expert, you are tasked with understanding your organization’s position in today’s market and developing a clear vision for where you are headed. This is how you best guide your organization’s people, process, and technology toward a successful future. When company culture becomes a roadblock to your company’s agility however, data can help you build consensus.

  • How can data inform your ideas?
  • How can you encourage increased data literacy?
  • How can you facilitate data circulation securely?
  • How can you generate revenue with data?

Introducing Dawex Data Exchange Platform

Dawex Data Exchange Platform allows you to create your own data marketplace. It is the most advanced environment for distributing, sourcing, exchanging, sharing and commercializing data across your own organization and with your suppliers, partners, customers and subsidiaries. Dawex Data Exchange Platform addresses the legal, technical, security and compliance requirements necessary to enforce current and future data policies and frameworks.

Unleash Innovation with Data Exchange

A Data Marketplace can house your ideas and fuel their growth. The insights it generates encourages innovation by powering smart decision-making, swift tactical execution and thoughtful measurement.

Data Exchange is a catalyst for innovation

Inform circulating business ideas or discover new approaches altogether by taking a hard look at your data and, because innovation can come from anywhere, fueled by external data. Organize it, streamline access for every team who needs it, and manage it all cost effectively with Data Exchange.

Data Exchange is your next big idea

Regularly providing new and improved ideas for organizational growth is demanding and the process is never without its challenges. It could be that Data Exchange is your next important business model. By packaging unlimited data products and offering them with complementary services to other members of your ecosystem, your organization can generate new revenue streams. Choose your preferred business model: freemium, sponsorship management, on-subscription, full paying, performance-based or transactional.

Improve your organization’s data literacy

Engaging in innovation projects require adapted indicators that can enable informed decision-making. Evolving your organization’s culture to more data-driven decision making is critically important but requires attention and can be extremely time-consuming. Formal Data Exchange technology provides a foundation for proactive change management efforts and a framework for growing data literacy.

Be your ecosystem’s data leader with secure and compliant Data Exchange

Keep your growth plans and supporting data secure by demanding an environment that meets a growing number of privacy regulations. Position your organization as a data leader with full traceability across all data transactions and the choice between three governance models: managed, distributed and decentralized.

Data fuels AI initiatives

For many Chief Innovation Officers and innovation experts, an organization’s growth path is paved with Artificial Intelligence. Algorithms are discovering improved business processes and sometimes, formulating entirely new products. This type of innovation is only possible with large amounts of data the system can use to learn from. There is no AI without Data Exchange. Data Exchange platforms break down data silos and welcome in a host of data sets previously unaccessible to power unique and insightful innovation.

Key Takeaways

With Data Exchange, innovation experts can:

  • Formalize and optimize data circulation across ecosystems
  • Improve the organization’s data literacy and enlist key data champions
  • Facilitate data discovery and support AI-powered initiatives
  • Enable data as a new, revenue-generating product and/or service

Take a peek at Data Exchange business benefits

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Pioneer innovative Data Exchange strategies

Optimizing data circulation and orchestrating your own data ecosystem are part of your business and innovation roadmaps? Dawex accompanies organizations in establishing data exchange as a strong item on their business approach. 

The idea is to take you through a series of workshops focusing on the identification of data exchange use cases, valuable data assets you hold or are needed for you to pursue business objectives and, the mapping of your data ecosystem in order to create strong data partnerships.


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