Agriculture today is monitored closely. Whether for tracking crops, taking care of animals, or managing stock, farming now leverages data collection and analysis to optimize production.

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At a time when the industry is seeking to reduce the use of fertilizers, agro-suppliers are offering farmers decision-making tools to rationalize the use of their products. These types of applications collect large amounts of data.

Farm machinery

From tractors and sprayers to harvesters, new farming equipment is outfitted with sensors that generate highly relevant usage information. This data is valuable for stakeholders throughout the sector.

Farm machine harvesting wheat field

Farm cooperatives

Farm cooperatives develop decision-making tools to help members increase their productivity and sales revenue, while taking environmental constraints into account. A wealth of data!

Farming institutes

Tomorrow’s agriculture is being invented today. From seeding and farming methods to crop management, experimental solutions implemented by farming institutes generate data with high value added.

Farm machine harvesting wheat field

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