Dawex partners with academic and research consortiums

Powerful international workgroups to create the conditions for the smooth development of the data economy

Making the data economy a reality together

Data exchange and the data economy are growing topics gathering interests from market analysts, global institutions, universities, and public or private organizations. Accordingly, it is crucial to implement the appropriate data policies and accelerate the development of frameworks to fully leverage the benefits of data exchange  —empowering organizations to unlock the value of their data, while respecting enforceable laws and regulations. 

As an integral part of its mission, Dawex is engaged in multiple projects to shape the future of the global data economy. 

Dawex contributes to the evolution, adoption, and implementation of data standards, policies and frameworks to advance the world and benefit society. Dawex act as board members of several data exchange major initiatives, participate in the development of detailed reports on the impact of data marketplaces on our economy and take part in international events and summits. 

World Economic Forum Data Policy work group, a global project to define the data frameworks of tomorrow

The Data Policy work group gathers world-class experts leading the World Economic Forum’s approach to data policy and data governance. Its mission is to help define and implement forward-looking, interoperable, and trustworthy data policies.

Role - Awarded “Tech Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum and as an active member, Dawex brings its expertise to co-design, pilot and scale data policies to fuel innovation and accelerate responsible use of data.


DXA, the Data Exchange Association, a global non-profit association

Located in Luxembourg, the association unites public and private organizations from all industry sectors and geographies advocating for robust, rigorous and trusted data exchange standards, principles and guidelines, set to become the new rules of engagement within the emerging data economy.

Role - Dawex is a founding member of the association, assisting, and acting as ambassador for the association in its goal to accelerate the economy through data exchange innovations.
Logo Data Exchange Association

The Data Trading Alliance, a Japanese-led data trading project

Founded in November 2017 and supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI). The mission of the Data Trading Alliance is to define a framework & guidelines to help Japanese organizations trade data easily and securely.

Role - Dawex provides advice as well as its Data Exchange Platform to selected Data Trading Alliance members engaged in a pilot project in order to operate monetized data transactions.


CyberSec4Europe, a major European cybersecurity research program

With 43 project partners from 22 different countries CyberSec4Europe develops a governance model for the future European Cybersecurity Competence Network and looks at trialing this model in several technology and innovation activities relevant for progressing Europe’s cybersecurity capabilities. 

Role - Dawex is a board-member and provides its Data Exchange Platform to the project to operate the exchange of medical data.
Logo CyberSec4Europe

Horizon 2020-SME Instrument, an EU funding program for high-potential and forward-looking SMEs

Horizon 2020 is a funding program of the European Commission, as part of the European Innovation Council pilot  which supports the commercial deployment of Europe's most innovative and high-potential SMEs. Extremely selective, this program focuses on criteria of excellence, impact, quality and implementation  efficiency. 

Role - By winning the Horizon 2020-SME Instrument Phase-2 program, Dawex is contributing to fueling the growth of the EU economic area by facilitating cross border data flow and making data exchange accessible and secure for all economic stakeholders.

Data Pitch, a Data & Innovation European accelerator

Data Pitch brings together companies that have shared data, with innovative startups. The project is focused on answering complex technical challenges. A powerful virtual accelerator for SMEs, 47 start-ups from 13 different countries received up to €100,000 in equity free funding.

Role - Dawex is a key member of the consortium, providing its Data Exchange technology to allow the secure and trusted exchange of data between the corporations and startups accelerated by Data Pitch.
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Technology & Innovation

Technology & Innovation are an integral part of Dawex DNA. Since its inception, Dawex has been dedicated to delivering the most advanced and sophisticated data exchange technology, relying on a dedicated talented team addressing forward looking data challenges.

Awards & Recognitions

Our partnerships are all based on the market recognizing Dawex as an expert in Data Exchange technology and as a pioneer on a fast growing market. Data exchange and data marketplaces are now clearly top of the agenda.

Speaking Engagements

From CES Unveiled to MIT CDOIQ Symposium to GITEX to IEEE-CDCE, and many other events, we engage with the audience on data exchange strategies and challenges, discuss the future developments of the data economy and explore powerful data exchange use cases. We enjoy interacting with experts, academics and speakers to address challenges, share experiences and ultimately boost innovation.