Transportation & Logistics Data Exchange Solutions

For many years, the supply chain and consumer goods shipping services have been pioneers for using data. Optimizing procurement systems and distribution is a key issue with strong impact on revenue and profitability. Transformation in this sector is now being driven by the integration of data flows from partners.

Manufacturers and equipment suppliers

Now benefiting from information on how customers really use their products, manufacturers and suppliers of transport vehicles and supply chain equipment can adapt their product development and pricing based on expected usage, while also offering their clients recommendations for optimizing maintenance.

Public and private operators

Armed with data on inventory, as well as real-time geolocation of goods, transport vehicles and even infrastructure, companies can now anticipate fluctuations in their activity. Cross-referencing data from diverse origins also helps get the most out of existing equipment.

Autonomous and connected transport

Innovative companies are creating new products and services that are shaking up the transport and supply chain sector, including platforms that automatically coordinate supply with demand, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, self-driving vehicles, communication between vehicles and infrastructure, and self-diagnostics for equipment. These companies are generating data that interests all business sectors.


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