Your roadmap to Data Exchange

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A pragmatic approach to kickstart, deploy and expand in the data economy

Dawex advises public and private organizations on how to build their data exchange strategy, organize data circulation inside or outside their company, and become the orchestrator of their ecosystem.

The combination of our leadership, market knowledge, vision, technology and expertise gives us a unique ability to respond to our customers’ needs. 

We have built a pragmatic approach in 5 steps to get your organization started with data exchange with the support of our strategic advisors.

The resulting well-articulated playbook, suited for board-level conversation and decision-making, will allow your organization to address all key questions related to its engagement in data sharing and distribution activities, highlighting key benefits, identifying possible challenges, and defining the best path for implementation.

1. Identify data generated and accessible by your organization

  • Make a high level inventory of available data sources 
  • Identify the data that your organization already collects, and those that could be easily acquired
  • Identify data that are owned by other organizations in your ecosystem that could potentially be distributed on your data exchange platform environment (provided such scenario is considered)
  • Identify high-value use cases that could benefit your business and organization.
  • Assess and prioritize these ideas
Your organization will get out of this first step with a clear view on the best ideas to focus on in order to valorize your organization and ecosystem’s data assets.

2. Build the use cases

  • Identify all potential acquirer/user groups, inside or outside your organization, that could be interested in the data
  • Detail why they would find value in those data 
  • Test ideas and data attractiveness to validate some assumptions
  • Assess data sources and the need for preparation (cleansing, anonymization, aggregation, …)

After this second step, you will have a clear mapping of the general mission and scope of your data exchange initiative.

Use cases(1)-1

3. Pick the right business model that fits your data exchange initiative

Depending on the step 2 results, you’ll decide between several models including but not limited to: 

  • Free or freemium models
  • Subscription-based models with different level of access and services attached
  • Transactional models

This important step will provide your organization with an articulated approach for monetizing data exchange services.


4. Refine and detail potential data monetization scenarios

One key Data Exchange modality is the possibility to engage in data monetization and drive new revenue streams for your organization. Based on the outcome of previous steps:

  • Describe and detail the data products you feel represent the best potential source of revenue
  • Define and detail major components of the marketing strategy, including pricing and promotion
  • Finalize and document a list of best candidates for monetization.

Your organization is now ready for the final step!

Data monetization 1(1)

5. Formalize your business plan

A well-documented business plan and roadmap is produced that will help your organization take informed decisions on your data exchange strategy.

Your Data Exchange strategy will also need to be reviewed on a regular basis, as the range of opportunities around data exchange expand, new partnerships emerge, and new valuable data assets are identified. 

Dawex advisors will help you maintain an always up to date and relevant data exchange strategy that maximizes benefits to your organization.

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