Flexible and business oriented Data Exchange technology

A fully-customizable white-label platform to distribute or share data products, in any business case

The Dawex solution Data Exchange Platform is the leading, white label solution to distribute or share data products, in trust, for any business case. As the orchestrator of the Data Exchange Platform, you can operate a data shop, a data marketplace, an industry data hub or a corporate data hub, and define a business model to interact with the organizations participating in your data ecosystem.

Data providers, including you, benefit from flexible distribution, pricing and marketing tools to valorize their data products.

A white label solution thought for business

  • Customize your Data Exchange Platform for your brand and value proposition, and strengthen your image of an innovator in the market
  • Deliver friendly user experiences to the Data Exchange Platform participants, data providers and data acquirers, for onboarding, data product publishing & search, data transactions and technical exchanges
  • Leverage data product landing pages, marketing messages and regional parameters to target local audiences and maximize market reach

Configurable business models for the orchestrator

  • Define and implement the business model that you want to interact with the participants of your data ecosystem, according to your data exchange strategy
  • Set free access, or segmented subscription fees 
  • Set commission fees that will apply on data transactions, paid by data acquirers to data providers
  • Configure specific terms & conditions, and governance rules that will apply to the Data Exchange Platform participants

Configurable taxonomies

The Data Exchange Platform provides the orchestrator with state-of-the-art tools to precisely define and manage product taxonomies/ontologies adapted to the sector, the data ecosystem and the use cases supported. This powerful tool allows to:

  • Better segment audience and target data acquirers
  • Improve market reach
  • Optimize the data product search experience 
  • Interoperate with other data ecosystems leveraging common taxonomies

Customizable pricing

  • Provide data providers, including yourself, with highly flexible pricing capacity for data product distribution
  • Multiple pricing models are available and configurable by the data provider, such as subscription vs pay-as-you-use, and period, quota or volume pricing
  • Promotions, seasonal pricing and try & buy offers can be leveraged to optimize the marketing of the data product distribution

Contracting and licensing made easy for data transactions

  • Data providers can leverage preconfigured contracts and licenses, or fully customize data products licenses according to the data offering and data regulations
  • Data providers and data acquirers can smoothly discuss, negotiate and validate data transactions, with full traceability. Data providers can also decide the data transaction will happen automatically if pricing requirements are met