Data Exchange Platform

Operate your own data marketplace to fully engage with your ecosystem of partners, customers, suppliers or subsidiaries.

What is a Data Exchange Platform?

A Data Exchange Platform is the most advanced environment where organizations can distribute, source, exchange, share and commercialize data and/or orchestrate data ecosystemscreating powerful data partnerships.  By design, it addresses the legal, technical, security and compliance requirements necessary to enforce current and future data policies and frameworks.

Why does your organization need it now?

Public and private organizations now understand their data is a key strategic asset, which is desirable both inside and outside their walls, in order to achieve business objectives such as generating new revenue streams or improving productivity. A Data Exchange Platform allows data to circulate and be rendered accessible, taking into account security, compliance, and traceability of transactions imperatives. 

Introducing Dawex Data Exchange Platform

Dawex Data Exchange Platform is a fully customized white-label SaaS platform to distribute, source, commercialize and/or orchestrate data ecosystems.

Dawex Data Exchange Platform incorporates a Data Exchange governance model encapsulating control and security, traceability, licensing and regulatory compliance. Operated in Managed, Distributed or Decentralized mode, supporting various data exchange business models (free, subscription, transactional, performance-based).

The key benefits of Data Exchange for your organization

Data acquirers and data providers need a secure and compliant environment to both leverage the potential of their data and meet the player that will best answer their data needs.  As volumes of data grow, a data marketplace can optimize data sourcing and orchestrate the circulation of data.

Beyond the spread of data culture within the company and the improvement of data exchange capabilities, a data marketplace can valorize data through insightful data partnerships with the extended ecosystem.

Dawex Data Exchange Platform brings four main key benefits to your organization:


The most complete solution to exchange, share and valorize data

Dawex was awarded “Tech Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum for its leadership, innovation and impact as a pioneer of the data economy. As an active member of the Data Policy work group and the Global Future Council, Dawex brings its expertise to co-design, pilot and scale data policies to fuel innovation and accelerate responsible use of data.  Dawex Data Exchange technology leverages the extensive expertise of its teams to provide its customers with a complete and flexible solution.

The Dawex Data Exchange Platform, supports all licensing modes: open data, internal/external data sharing, internal/external data valorization. The Dawex platform also grants customers the choice between Managed and Decentralized governance models, depending on which is most adapted to the customer’s needs and strategy.

Meet your data business challenges by:

Key features of Dawex Data Exchange Platform

Keep full control over your ecosystem with flexible onboarding and account management

  • Tailored authentication and verification process 
  • Guided onboarding and adaptable onboarding workflow 
  • Advanced dashboard acting as a command center for each participant
  • Advanced rights management and two-factor authentication

Leverage sophisticated data transaction and data sharing features

  • Management capabilities of open data licenses and paid or free commercial data licenses
  • Creation and publishing of file-based, subscription-based and API-based data offerings
  • Traceability of all data negotiations and transactions

Benefit from cutting-edge security and compliance features

  • Select the most convenient data center for your needs
  • Two-factor authentication and thorough vetting process 
  • Decentralized governance model with or without blockchain 
  • Advanced features to ensure Data Exchange compliance
Fully customize and integrate the platform into your systems
  • Cloud agnostic solution with cloud provider selection 
  • Choose your branding customization 
  • Adapt the configuration to your needs: currencies, languages, payment workflow
  • Pick your business model: transactional, on-subscription, freemium, full paying, performance-based or sponsorship management

Ensuring compliance to data regulations

Driving compliance with a data exchange platform means ensuring that exchanges and transactions carried out on the platform comply with applicable data protection regulations.

Dawex Data Exchange Platform delivers advanced compliance features to ensure participants conformity.

Security at the core of the Data Exchange Platform

Security and data exchange are intrinsically bound together. Security by-design and by-default must be embedded in the development of any solution seeking to enable data exchanges at scale. Notions of control, traceability and trust have to be perfectly mastered. 

Dawex Data Exchange technology was developed and is constantly perfected with the security challenge in mind.

After obtaining SOC-1 Type 1 compliance, Dawex completed SOC 2 Type 1 and SOC 3 Security and Availability Audit Certification in May 2021 — building on our commitment to deliver secure data exchanges.

Dawex Advisory services

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