Data Exchange Platform

The most advanced technology to industrialize and streamline data distribution or data sharing in a secure and trusted ecosystem.

What is a Data Exchange Platform?

A Data Exchange Platform delivers all necessary capabilities to manage data exchanges under various business models, meeting compliance, security and privacy requirements. A data exchange platform addresses the needs of the orchestrator operating the platform as a trusted intermediary, as well as the needs of the data providers and data acquirers engaged in trusted data transactions.

Set your ecosystem's governance and go-to-market strategy

The Dawex Data Exchange Platform (DEP) is customizable to meet your specific business challenges, adapting to your brand, governance, business model and go-to-market strategy. Key benefits include:

  • White label solution to support your organization’s go-to-market strategy
  • Flexible technical and functional settings that align with your business strategy and compliance requirements
  • Ability to define and deploy any platform business model, including pay-per-use, free of charge, technical contribution or subscription-based. 
  • Upsell mechanism to support business model evolution, develop participation and revenues, boost value
  • Advanced onboarding & vetting features to determine who can join your ecosystem and set the terms of use and trust policies

Drive the growth of your data ecosystem

Dawex Data Exchange Platform is configurable, highly scalable and ready-to-use. With its comprehensive and robust features, you can monitor activity and business,  while seamlessly adapting to the growth of your ecosystem. The Dawex Data Exchange Platform allows your organization to:

  • Manage platform activity. Thanks to the Administration console, you can orchestrate all data exchange activities and keep a finger on the pulse of your ecosystem.
  • Drive Data Exchange Platform usage through embedded monitoring and engagement tools, to create active sub-communities within the platform and encourage participants to engage by directing them to the most relevant content and new features.
  • Automate and industrialize participant processes such as sign-in, authentication, lifecycle management, plan allocation and limit settings to gain greater efficiencies.

Leverage the potential of your community

A Data Exchange Platform enables your organization to maximize the potential of its data ecosystem and turn it into a value lever for all the participants. The platform provides the tools you need to engage and grow your organization’s community, including:

  • Managing the authentication and vetting process of new registrants through the Data Exchange Platform Administration console
  • Customizing an onboarding experience adapted to the targeted participants profiles
  • Promoting new data providers or successful use cases on landing pages
  • Monetizing visibility boosters on the platform and dedicated spaces to host data initiatives and create new revenue streams
  • Organizing seasonal data events on the platform to increase engagement, foster loyalty and drive activity

Distribute roles and collaborations for maximum security & trust

When it comes to data, security and trust are paramount. With the secure Data Exchange Platform, you keep control over the access and the management of participants, while facilitating collaboration between teams. The roles and collaborations approach is based on the below principles:

  • Providing robust security options at both the participant and organization levels to ensure the safety and confidentiality of accounts and profiles.
  • A role and permission-based system that enables you to precisely control who can access what at various levels (organization, participant).
  • Efficiently segregating responsibilities across teams while still facilitating seamless distribution and consumption of data products.

Industrialize data product distribution

The Data Exchange Platform enables data orchestrators & data providers to efficiently market and distribute any type of data in a collaborative, flexible and scalable way while addressing your organization’s business challenges. For example, you can:

  • Distribute any type of data, including raw data, insights, ready-to-use knowledge, IoT data, event-based data, and data resulting from algorithmic or automated data processing services. 
  • Collaborate with partners and subsidiaries to improve business activities and generate new revenue streams by distributing data to other organizations, 
  • Target data acquirers with tailored data offerings that bundle data products based on market needs, with customized terms of use and pricing strategy. 
  • Save time and effort in creating & distributing data products by utilizing the resource center and co-editing of data offerings, allowing you to delegate the preparation of data offering building blocks to the relevant team.

Discover unique data products to fuel your performance

Data acquirers can search data products, through metadata adapted to the specific use case or sector taxonomy. Leveraging powerful filtering tools, data acquirers can roam available data offerings, and access data that is rarely or never distributed elsewhere.

  • Browse data products catalogs and filter by use case and/or sector
  • Target relevant data, find new business partners
  • Use keywords to find data products, or target specific use case
  • Conduct geolocated research to compare all data available in an area
  • Find data products described in any language, thanks to multilingual research capabilities
  • Create alerts to describe your data demand and receive customized recommendations

Create secure and compliant trusted data transactions

Trust is a key element in any data transaction, whether it is monetized or not. It relies on a clear and shared framework, as well as continuous control over the use of data. The Dawex Data Exchange Platform enables data providers to:

  • Deploy any data distribution business model such as free, cost-sharing, data monetization, etc.
  • Configure the terms of use and service for each data transaction via three different licensing options
  • Retain control over data use via numerous security and control settings for trusted data transactions, including managed and distributed modes of data distribution
  • Ensure compliance with local and international data regulations, including personal data exchange regulations, and provide the ability to check consent during the data transaction. Ensure full traceability of all data negotiations and transactions

Control and monitor your data distribution & consumption

The Dawex Data Exchange Platform is designed to make data distribution easy for all users, both seasoned players and newcomers. Thanks to reporting and metrics, you have a clear understanding of your data product's success and benefit from complete traceability of the exchange. Key features and functionalities of the platform include:

  • Seamless data distribution from providers to acquirers, facilitated by the cloud connector library and API integrations
  • Materialized streams capabilities to bridge the technical gap between data providers and acquirers
  • Real-time metrics through traceability of all data flows via files or APIs in managed mode
  • A business view of data exchange relationships with consolidated dashboards & views
  • Complete auditability of all exchanges and transactions, providing full traceability of the data distribution

Build a powerful Data Exchange roadmap with Dawex Data Exchange Advisory Services

Developing a comprehensive Data Exchange strategy can be complex as it encompasses many aspects. With its multidisciplinary expertise, market knowledge, and proven methodology, Dawex Data Exchange Advisory Services can help your organization identify the opportunities and challenges of data exchange to support your specific needs based on your specific needs and define a customized roadmap to your own Data Exchange Platform.

Meet your business challenges with Data Exchange

By orchestrating its own Data Exchange Platform, your organization takes a central place in its ecosystem. More broadly, implementing a data exchange strategy fosters productivity and efficiency, increases company valuation, tackles decarbonation objectives, reduces risks, and helps generate new sources of revenue.

Grasp the benefits of successful implementations

The full potential of data explodes when data circulates. All industries can benefit from the myriad of information coming from extended ecosystems such as agriculture, food, automotive, travel and tourism, insurance, energy or retail, just to name a few. By facilitating access to data in a trusted and secure environment, organizations can build strong data partnerships to foster innovation and build powerful use cases.

As an illustration of the power of Data Exchange technology, discover innovative implementations relying on Dawex technology. Whether through a Data Exchange Platform, Data Sharing, Data Marketplace or Data Hub, many organizations create new data exchange ecosystems that meet regulatory requirements and address traceability and security challenges.

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