Data Exchange Platform

Operate your own data marketplace to fully engage with your ecosystem of partners, customers, suppliers or subsidiaries

Dawex Data Exchange Platform is a 1 or 2-sided data exchange platform where organizations can orchestrate data circulation by sourcing, distributing and exchanging data with their ecosystem. Dawex approach to data exchanges is to provide solutions that offer the optimal balance between key principles such as the decentralization of data exchanges, the disintermediation between data providers and acquirers, and the operational readiness of the solution.

Licensed in a white-labelled mode, Dawex Data Exchange Platform supports multiple data exchange use cases, free or monetized, including internal data exchange for streamlining data exchanges between projects, divisions and subsidiaries; data sourcing for managing external data providers; free data sharing with external parties; data monetization for generating new revenue streams from the commercialization of organization’s data assets; data marketplace orchestration for organizing data exchanges between multiple third-parties.

The platform's latest capabilities integrate open data and configurable licenses and hybrid capabilities combining decentralized and managed modes to support the exchange of data and related payments between data providers and acquirers

Create your Data Exchange Platform in line with your business models

Dawex Data Exchange Platform allows your organizations to structure and license data products across approved data providers and acquirers in a trusted, traceable environment that is secure and compliant with growing global regulations. Our technology supports all data exchange scenarios and business models.

Data sharing

Optimize data sharing across your organization.

Streamline, secure and facilitate data flows across your divisions and subsidiaries. Remove data silos. Improve data literacy and foster a company data culture. Manage your data as an asset.

Data sourcing

Optimize external data sourcing.

Onboard and manage external data providers. Keep full control over your growing data providers ecosystem. Standardize data submission processes. Facilitate data discovery.

Data commercialization

Engage in external data exchange and monetization.

Identify and manage data acquirers outside your organization. Take advantage of cross-sector, cross-border business opportunities. Combine open, free and paid data sharing. Generate high-margin recurrent revenue streams. Improve your bottom line.

Data orchestration

Become the orchestrator of your data ecosystem.

Bring additional value to your clients, suppliers and partners. Become a data company. Maximize the benefits related to your orchestrator role at the center of new data ecosystems.

The most complete solution to exchange data

Data providers and acquirers on a Data Exchange Platform benefit from multiple integrated functionalities making data sharing, sourcing and monetizing easy, effective and secure.

Data providers
Define and market compelling data offerings

Describe and publish data themes
Test your data attractiveness
Engage with potential acquirers early on


Describe and publish compelling data offerings
Control and decide who can access your data
Set the licensing contract that best protects you


Data acquirers
Find the data you need

Search, discover and assess published data
Multi-criteria search and filtering
Sampling and data visualization tools


Set Alerts about specific data needs
Matching algorithms maximizing interactions

Engage with interested parties directly on the platform

Contact, question, discuss and engage with your counterparts. Distribute and access the data easily and securely. Negotiate and conclude licensing agreements. Manage payments.

Manage your data exchange

Operate your Data Exchange Platform relying on a fully-featured Back Office management tool.

Manage participants

  • Take advantage of a complete ready-to-use member vetting and onboarding process or customize it to your needs
  • Vet and decide who can access your Data Exchange Platform
  • Manage and monitor your members’ profiles
  • Stay on top of who is participating to your Data Exchange Platform (internal and external members)


Promote quality and engagement on the marketplace

  • Use Machine Learning algorithms in order to match data supply and demand, allowing for proactive suggestions to members
  • Monitor members submissions, including automatic reminders and tips sent to improve marketplace attractiveness
  • Leverage rule-based communication tool to define member sollicitation levels precisely

Activity monitoring and reporting

  • Full activity monitoring on your Data Exchange Platform, providing 360° visibility on members, data products, interactions, and transactions
  • Take advantage of multiple standard reports and create new ones tailored to your needs

Keep full control over your own data

Stay on top of your data. Control precisely how your data is being used, and by whom

Decide who can access and use your data

  • Expose your data broadly on the marketplace, or restrict its access down to the individual level
  • Accept or refuse access requests at data offering level

Control how your data is being used

  • Configure permitted usages for your data with maximum flexibility and granularity
  • Combine free and paid data offerings on your Data Exchange Platform
  • Monitor who is interested by your data and who is using it

Customized and integrated to your systems

Each Data Exchange Platform (DEP) implementation is uniquely configured and personalized to match your business requirements.

Configure your DEP based on selected use cases

  • Pick the functionality that matters right now, whether you want to roll out an internal data sharing platform or a fully-featured 2-sided data marketplace
  • Activate new functionalities over time in line with your business strategy

Customize your DEP based on specific requirements

  • Business and functional (industry-specific taxonomies, data visualization tools,…)
  • Legal and regulatory (customized licensing contract templates,…)
  • Technical (hosting environment,…)

Integrate your DEP to your Information Systems and Architecture

  • Company portal integration
  • Identity and Access Management tools integration (SSO and entitlement)
  • Legacy systems (CRM, HRM, …) integration, to access key customer or user data

Highly scalable & secure architecture

Your Data Exchange Platform is hosted in the cloud, allowing for maximum flexibility to match your specific requirements.

  • Our platform architecture is cloud provider-agnostic, and meets highest security standards.

  • Host your Data Exchange Platform with the cloud provider of your choice amongst major international and local players.

  • Configuration is adapted to your needs to address specific scaling, high performance, high availability, multi-regions requirements.

  • Each data provider on your Data Exchange Platform is able to select the location of the Data Centers where their data is stored.

Deploy and scale

Dawex experts provide all the support and assistance required to get your Data Exchange Platform live in record time.


Our team will help you scoping your DEP project and defining an effective implementation plan:

  • Validate use case(s) for the DEP
  • Validate configuration, parameterization, customization and integration requirements
  • Validate DEP governance structure

Dawex approach is pragmatic, time-boxed, and based on a fixed number of topical workshops involving key members of your organization (cross-function).

Set up

Dawex professional services team will take care of the initial set up of your Data Exchange Platform, based on agreed requirements:

  • Configure Data Exchange Platform
  • Do the customization and integration work as required for launch

Additional work may be required over time when implementation plan has defined a phase approach.


User’s journey on the platform is intuitive, including contextual tips and online help.
Dawex training program focuses on best practices for optimizing marketplace effectiveness:

  • Data providers expert class
  • Data acquirers expert class
  • DEP administrator expert class


Get the most of your platform with our professional services

Do you want to outsource the operation of your Data Exchange Platform ? Our professional services team is available to complement or take full responsibility for certain activities.


  • As you keep onboarding new users (employees and/or external participants) on your Data Exchange Platform, Dawex provides training programs
  • “Train the trainers” programs are also available for accelerating knowledge transfer within your organization



  • On-boarding process of new members on your platform
  • Facilitation, activity monitoring, member engagement


  • Functional and technical support to your employees
  • Functional and technical support to partners joining your Data Exchange Platform


Kick start your Data Exchange strategy

Dawex team of experts will engage with you to review your strategic, business objectives and use cases. We collaborate with your teams to build an adapted implementation roadmap to improve productivity & efficiency, generate new direct and indirect revenue streams, mitigate risks or increase company value.