Data Exchange business benefits

Unlock the full potential of your data.

Data maturity is growing in most organizations. New regulations, frameworks and standards create a favorable environment to establish trust in data exchanges. Organizations can now leverage and scale data exchange to unlock many direct and indirect benefits. Depending on the business model, organizations can make the next productivity leap, improve market efficiency, manage decarbonation objectives, monetize their data, and benefit from many other levers to create value.

Optimize operations

  • Feed AI algorithms with larger and more pertinent datasets
  • Increase efficiencies and better cooperate with business partners by sharing relevant and timely information
  • Gain end-to-end visibility on your organization’s supply chain to improve logistics, reduce variability, or avoid out of stocks
  • Strengthen digital twins efficiency by feeding them with industry partner data
  • Provide partners and suppliers with pertinent data so they can design product and services better suited to your needs
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Improve market knowledge and sales efficiency

  • Gain insights on market dynamics, market shares or customer requirements by sourcing data to enrich your own knowledge base
  • Cooperate with business partners to better answer customer needs and identify more quickly new market opportunities
  • Help public organizations by proactively sharing your organizations’ data for better collaborative infrastructure management

Reach your decarbonation and CSR objectives

  • Consolidate and monitor your organization’s carbon footprint by bringing together data from your value chain and from supply chain partners
  • Consolidate and monitor CSR data coming from BUs, subsidiaries or suppliers
  • Improve your image of a transparent and responsible company, by communicating on your organization’s carbon footprint and CSR achievements
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Generate direct revenue by distributing data products

Commercialize data products that have direct value for other organizations, such as, but not limited to:
  • Equipment lifecycle data for suppliers and manufacturers
  • Market and customer information for non competing organizations or financial institutions
  • Risk and accidentology data for insurers
  • Observation and geographic data for industries such as agriculture or infrastructure companies
  • Business insights from your own algorithmic enrichments

Increase your company value

  • Strengthen your leadership by orchestrating and governing data exchanges within your ecosystem
  • Keep control over who accesses your data, for which purpose and under which terms
  • Benefit from a data savvy brand image, manage transparently CSR and decarbonation objectives to improve brand perception
  • Leverage the first mover advantage to maximize your opportunities and expand data exchanges beyond your core business
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Choose the data exchange model best fitted to deliver target benefits

  • Corporate (Internal) Data Hub to foster data discovery and data circulation between disparate subsidiaries, business units and departments
  • Industry Data Exchange to improve cooperation in your ecosystem and optimize operations
  • Data Marketplace to monetize your own data products, orchestrate data exchanges in your ecosystem and create value from subscriptions & commissions


Take your organization to the next level with Dawex Data Exchange technology

  • Break down silos by providing trust and facilitated experiences for publishing and discovery of data products
  • Exchange data products at drastically lower cost and time to market
  • Optimize the collaboration between departments and organizations
  • Develop the use of external data to complement internal data
  • Promote the generation of better insights
  • Enhance the speed and quality of decision making
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