Trust building Data Exchange technology

Ensuring the highest trust mechanisms for secure Data Exchange solutions.

Trust is an essential pillar of data exchange, to build flourishing data ecosystems bringing together organizations from different horizons. With Dawex Data Exchange technology, organizations can exchange and share data products in full confidence, keeping control over who accesses the data, for which purpose and under which terms and conditions.

Trusted identities

  • With state-of-the-art, secure onboarding and vetting processes, the orchestrator of the data marketplace or data hub can strictly control who has access to the data exchange ecosystem, from organizations down to individuals. Trust can be revoked anytime through the administration console.
  • Dawex Data Exchange solution supports identity federation and SSO for authentication & authorization via OpenID Connect.
  • The Data Exchange Platform can interoperate with solutions providing Self Sovereign Identities, making use of Decentralized Identifiers (DID), and to connect with Identity Wallets providing verifiable credentials for natural and legal persons

Data product visibility and access right management

Data Products visibility and access rights can be controlled precisely through several functionalities of the Data Exchange Platform:

  • Extensive Data Product visibility settings are at the disposal of the data provider. Data products can be exposed publicly, even outside the platform, or privately to selected organizations and individuals. Private sub-groups can be defined to expose and exchange data between participants on a selected topic.
  • Group, role and user access permissions settings are supported by MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) through One-Time-Passwords (OTPs) and Role Based Access Control (RBAC).
  • Data privacy-by-design which means that all data stored on the platform is encrypted, and participants or the orchestrator can only read the metadata associated and available in the Data Catalog.

Data licensing and consent management

Depending on the data ecosystem and on the nature of the data being exchanged, many different data licensing conditions and degrees of consent are required. To provide flexibility a comprehensive set of functionalities are available on the Data Exchange Platform to verify consent and ensure the right terms and conditions are applied, such as:

  • Preset licenses, reusable and configurable, allow the data provider to precisely define terms and conditions of use for public/private, open/commercial, or free/paid data exchanges. 
  • Personal data is managed in compliance with GDPR and non-European personal data regulations such as CCPA and APPI or others. Specific workflows are provided to declare, manage and mask such data all along the transaction process.
  • An API connection to Consent Managers systems is provided, ensuring for each data request that the data acquirer benefits from the consent to access and use the data product.
  • Dawex is working on implementing “compliance as code” through Open Digital Right Langage (ODRL) to define and enforce policies using code that automatically checks that the use of the content is compliant with the defined policies.


  • The Data Exchange Platform solution provides a wide range of tools for the data providers to trace data transactions and accesses to data products, thus reinforcing the level of trust delivered by the solution.
  • Through the administration console, the orchestrator can monitor activities, and perform deep-dive audits on past activities. Of course data privacy is fully preserved as the orchestrator only has access to metadata, and never to the data itself.
  • Participants can navigate through data offerings and explore metadata associated with each data product. Data providers can monitor and trace accesses relative to their own data products.