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The Data Exchange award-winning "Technology Pioneer".

Our story

While the production and consumption of goods and services has been taking place since the earliest days of civilization, the world economy began to grow in earnest with the formation of business exchanges. Thousands of years ago, the idea of a Commodity Exchange was formed, followed by the creation of Stock Exchanges in the 14th Century. Continued global innovation has created a third economic exchange pillar and it's making history right now: Data Exchange.

In today’s data-driven society, the success of any organization relies on relevant, timely information circulation. To facilitate global data exchange and deliver maximum value to stakeholders, Dawex is leading the way with cutting-edge data exchange technology.

Fabrice Tocco and Laurent Lafaye bring 20+ years of experience working for and developing data-focused companies. In 2015, they recognized the need for a structured marketplace for global data exchange regardless of industry. Both experts in platform technology, data exchange business, new digital economy challenges, and in local and global data regulations, they founded Dawex.

In 2017, Dawex launched the Dawex Global Data Marketplace for organizations around the globe, from all industries, to exchange, acquire, distribute and monetize data in a traceable, trusted and secure environment. A year later, Dawex brought the Data Exchange Platform to market, a data exchange solution where organizations can orchestrate data circulation by sourcing, exchanging and monetizing data with their ecosystem.

Licensed to organizations in a white-labelled mode, the platform supports multiple data exchange use cases, including internal data exchange, data sourcing, free data sharing, data monetization and data marketplace orchestration between multiple third-parties.

Today thousands of organizations in 20+ industries worldwide rely on Dawex for data exchange technology to optimize business efficiency and productivity, generate new revenue streams and increase company’s value as a whole.

Pioneering the data economy

Major research firms are recognizing Dawex as the leading data exchange and data marketplace provider.



In 2020, Dawex was awarded  “Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum for its leadership, innovation and impact in the data economy. Participating into a 2-year program, Dawex is contributing to the Data Policy platform, a work group leading the Forum’s approach to data policy and data governance with the objective to bring cutting-edge insights and novel perspectives to world-critical discussions, policymakers and private sector leaders and help define the global agenda on key issues.



Dawex is also regularly consulted and engaged in projects at European and Institutional level on topics related to data sharing, data trading and privacy matters.



Our mission

To facilitate and accelerate secure data circulation between economic stakeholders, institutions and private organizations, contributing to the development of the data economy

Our ambition

Our ambition is to deliver best-in-class Data Exchange technology and accelerate secure data trading for all economic stakeholders.

Our values

At Dawex, we are developing a strong corporate culture based on a pioneering spirit animating us since the beginning, working as one to provide our customers with exceptional products and exemplary services, relying on a multicultural team driven by collective intelligence.

Awards & Expertise

Dawex is made up of forward-thinking and enthusiastic experts who are passionate about developing the future of the data economy. Our innovation and our technology is getting noticed:

  • Recognition of SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 Security and Availability Audit Certification, 2022
  • Awarded New Product Innovation Award, Frost & Sullivan, 2021
  • Named KPMG’s Top Tech Tomorrow, 2021
  • Recognition of SOC 2 Type I and SOC 3 Security and Availability Audit Certification, 2021
  • Laureate of DeepTech i-Nov competition, Paris, 2021
  • Awarded Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, 2020
  • Distinguished in the Enterprise Digital Innovation Award, Paris, 2020
  • Winner of The Most Innovative Company in Smart City Challenges Award, Dubai, 2019
  • Winner of the Gold Award at the French American Business Awards, San Francisco, 2018
  • Awarded in the International Digital Trophies, 2017
  • Awarded in the Personal Data Protection Call for Proposals, 2016
  • Awarded in the Digital Innovation Contest, 2015

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