Spotlight on Data Exchange at Davos

The rising importance of creating data ecosystems

The agenda of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos has placed the subject of Data Exchange, Data Ecosystems and Data Sharing as the focus of 4 of its sessions. This is illustrating the ever increasing importance of creating and developing data ecosystems to address the most pressing issues the world is facing.

Dawex speaking at Davos on Strengthening Trust in Public-Private Data Exchanges

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Session details

Session took place on Tuesday May 24 at 13:30 CET (7:30am EST)

Public-private data exchanges for the common good have created more than $20 billion in new value as they have adopted innovative business models, privacy-enhancing technologies and new approaches for strengthening citizen trust.

How are commercial and regulatory risks for large data holders – the supply side of the equation – being lowered to deliver measurable impact in sustainable agriculture, public health and the energy transition?

Moderator: Keir Simmons, Senior International Correspondent, NBC News

Public Speakers:

  • Fabrice Tocco, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Dawex
  • Lauren Woodman, Executive Director, DataKind
  • Angela Oduor Lungati, Executive Director, Ushahidi Inc.
  • Øyvind Eriksen, President and Chief Executive Officer, Aker ASA

Additional sessions on the benefits of developing Data Ecosystems

  • Building Responsible Data Ecosystems

The public is demanding that businesses become more responsible about their data-sharing practices. How can CEOs incorporate public values into data-driven innovation decisions, both in the boardroom and throughout their companies? And how can they harness the power of coalition with like-minded leaders?


  • Responsible Data Sharing for the Planet: Empowering Business Post COP26

At least a fifth of the world's 2,000 largest public companies have a net-zero pledge. But turning commitment into action requires digital tools and services that inform data-driven decision- making for the planet. It requires new business models and unprecedented industry-level cooperation on data sharing.

What are the data opportunities that will empower us to reach our commitments post COP26? 


  • Rules of the Road for the Digital Economy

Establishing a secure, trusted, resilient and appropriately regulated digital ecosystem is critical to the future of the global economy. New technologies and systems promise to boost productivity and growth, improving living standards and quality of life – but these same technologies also give rise to operational and regulatory risks, while implicating important societal interests in areas such as data privacy and algorithmic bias.

This session explores how to enhance international policy cooperation on topics such as cybersecurity, cross-border data flows, privacy imperatives and AI frameworks.

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