Our Corporate values

A team of enthusiastic experts tackling challenges, building the future of the data economy.

We are pioneers

The future of business depends upon data and our pioneering spirit led us to create a new and important market from which we have built our business. We are trailblazers inspired by challenge, continuously curious and innovative. Our passion and energy are dedicated to advancing the future of the data economy.
We’re excited to welcome Dawex to our 20th cohort of Technology Pioneers. Dawex is developing cutting edge technology. Beyond its innovation, Dawex is contributing greatly to improving the state of the world.
Susan Nesbitt, Head of the Global Innovators Community at World Economic Forum

We are Customer Focused

The satisfaction and success of our customers is our number one priority. Recognizing that our technology must fulfill our customer needs, we set the highest standards for engagement and work to constantly exceed those expectations. From consistent solution quality to timely delivery, we are committed and accountable to providing an exceptional customer experience.

My job at Dawex is to listen to the voice of our customers. I gather feedback and insights to improve our customer experience. I am passionate about customer success and strive to bring them the best answers so they can achieve and exceed their strategic data exchange business goals.

Raphaëlle, Customer Community Manager at Dawex

We are One

Collective intelligence drives the very best ideas. We are a collaborative, diverse and dedicated team collectively thriving for success. We applaud individually-held talent and encourage each member’s personal and professional development. We are also team players: to succeed, we stand united.

I really feel valued and part of a collective adventure! My expertise is recognized, I have insightful conversations with my manager and can freely propose recommendations that are being listened to. This recognition is motivating and I am fully committed. People at Dawex are really passionate, and this is very exciting to work in this ambiance.

Myriam, UX writer at Dawex

Dawex history is defined by our pioneering spirit: we built our business on a market concept we created from the ground up. Being awarded Technology Pioneer award by the World Economic Forum is an acknowledgement of the importance of our mission, as well as a recognition of this pioneering spirit.

Laurent Lafaye, Dawex Co-CEO


At Dawex, we are a team of enthusiastic experts, fearlessly tackling challenges and committed to nurturing and enabling the future of the data economy. We are true explorers—bold, curious, resilient and always innovative.  We succeed because we put customers at the center of everything we do.

Fabrice Tocco, Dawex Co-CEO

A mature data exchange pioneering technology

Committed to transforming data exchange, Dawex is building advanced and sophisticated data exchange technology to address forward looking data challenges.