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Step into data exchanges with innovative technologies tailored to build secure data ecosystems and meet your business challenges.

Data Exchange, a powerful business enabler

Companies, public and private organizations are facing great challenges, driven by rapidly evolving customer needs, critical societal and environmental changes, and fierce competition.

In today’s economy data has become a product of unlimited potential. Economic stakeholders increasingly see the value that can be generated from data when managed as a strategic and valuable asset. With the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, there is a growing need for sourcing data externally, requiring an easy and secure access to massive amounts of data. The growth and the acceleration of data circulation between data providers and data users create new market opportunities.

Data Exchange Platform, data sharing, Corporate Data Hub, Industry Data Exchange and Data Marketplace facilitate and accelerate data circulation by enabling public and private organizations to source, distribute, exchange and commercialize data trustfully, in full compliance with regulations. Data Exchange technology empowers organizations to gain control over their data, creating secure and trusted data ecosystems which have now become a fundamental component of business competitiveness and economic sovereignty.


Dawex, the indisputable leader of data exchange

Very few players on the market today can claim to master all aspects of Data Exchange, combining the vision with the ability to execute according to this understanding of business needs and challenges. Dawex delivers state-of-the-art technology and skilled advice for the design and delivery of comprehensive and successful data exchange strategies.

Major research firms are recognizing Dawex as the leading Data Exchange, data sharing, Corporate Data Hub, Industry Data Exchange and Data Marketplace provider. Forrester and many other research firms positioned Dawex as one of the most mature and advanced technologies on this ever growing data exchange market.

Large international corporations and governments rely on Dawex Data Exchange technology to implement and operate under their own brand the platform licensed in white-label mode, and fully configurable.

Renowned global consulting organizations and consortiums are partnering with Dawex for its expertise, as they build new Data Exchange practices. 

Dawex capabilities are unique. It is the only player on the market capable of delivering a wide variety of client use cases and business models, always ensuring the highest levels of security, traceability and governance of the data exchanges.

Dawex Data Exchange Platform, a compelling business booster

Dawex licences its sophisticated platform technology, including a full back-office administration console to operate Corporate Data Hubs, Industry Data Exchanges, Data Marketplaces and data sharing at scale, to organizations that want to create and orchestrate specific Data Exchange ecosystems (internally and/or externally) under their own brand, and create unique value propositions on their market.


Vision of a data-powered future

Dawex develops and perfects Data Exchange technologies that accelerate the transformation of organizations and the creation of data ecosystems.

Relying on its technology, regulatory and business expertise, Dawex provides all economic stakeholders with the best solution for Data Exchange, Corporate Data Hub, Industry Data Exchange and Data Marketplace to accelerate cross border, cross sector data circulation.

If you’re curious to know more…

Fostering the emergence of data exchange standards

As an expert in data exchange, Dawex actively contributes to moving the market forward, participating in discussions at European and international level on data policy and governance such as the European Commission, the World Economic Forum and the G7 Summit, engaging with governing bodies to accelerate the definition of data exchange regulations and frameworks.

As such, Dawex co-proposed with German research organization Fraunhofer and Dutch research organization TNO, a Trusted Data Transaction pre-standardization workshop program under the umbrella of the recognized organization European Committee for Standardization. Gathering experts and fervent parties involved in data exchange innovations and principles, the Trusted Data Transaction workshop program is a global standardization initiative designed to define the principles of a trusted data transaction.

The ambition of the Trusted Data Transaction pre-standardization workshop program is to accelerate the emergence of data exchange standards, based on the outcome of the working group, and to effectively support the different data regulations.

A guide for your Data Exchange journey

Data needs vary greatly from one organization to another and the finer points of data exchange can be challenging to grasp. Dawex seasoned teams have the expertise to quickly onboard you on your Data Exchange journey, help you build a solid business plan and strategy to unlock the value of your data assets.

A World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer speaking at Davos

For more than 20 years now, the World Economic Forum selects leading organizations recognized for their leadership, innovation and heavy social & business impact on the economy. In 2020, Dawex was awarded “Technology Pioneer” and invited to join a two-year program to contribute to the Data Policy work group with the mission to co-design, pilot and scale forward-looking, interoperable, and trustworthy data policies to fuel innovation and accelerate responsible use of data. Dawex is the first French data company to receive this distinction, and 8th French company named Tech Pioneers since 2007.

Dawex has also been pointed as a member of the Global Future Council on Data Policy, uniting 30 of the most knowledgeable thought leaders on the topic of data.

Dawex has also been invited to participate in the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, as a global expert on Data Exchange, speaking at the session entitled “Strengthening Trust in Public-Private Data Exchanges”, on Tuesday, May 24 2022. This was an opportunity to address the importance of creating and developing data ecosystems.

Security by-design and by-default

Dawex Data Exchange technology is conceived to help organizations be fully compliant with all global data regulations. Dawex always looks at being at the forefront of upcoming regulations such as the Data Governance Act or the future Data Act.

Compliance, security and confidentiality are critical and top of mind. Implemented by-design at Dawex, it fosters secure, resilient and easy-to-use data exchange environments.

After obtaining SOC 1 Type I compliance, SOC 2 Type I and SOC 3, Dawex completed SOC 2 Type II Security and Availability Audit Certification in April 2022 — building on our commitment to deliver secure data exchanges.