Data Marketplace

Host and orchestrate your own data ecosystem with a tailor-made data exchange platform that meets your business needs

Build your community with you own Data Marketplace

The rising data economy paves the way for a digital democratization empowering users with more control over the digital value they produce. The winners and losers of this new economy will be determined by the quality of their data ecosystem of partners, customers, suppliers, and subsidiaries. The ability to gather this community of users on a data marketplace is key to meet business challenges of the digital era.

Create and engage with your entire ecosystem

Your tailor-made data marketplace provides the most advanced digital environment to enable your community to fully engage in data exchanges and generate value. How can a data marketplace help your organization leverage the data potential of your ecosystem? 

  1. As an orchestrator, define the mode of governance of your data marketplace, enabling you to engage with your entire ecosystem, while keeping full control over your data. 
  2. Create data offers and valorize your data through different licensing modes.
  3. Build attractive data offers to foster data circulation and transactions within your ecosystem.
  4. Extend your ecosystem beyond your sector and your borders.

Sophisticated features to ensure the flexibility required by your business needs

Trusted Data Marketplace

  • Guided onboarding and adaptable onboarding workflow
  • Thorough authentication and verification process
  • Login with dedicated back-office accounts for the Data Exchange Platform (DEP) administrator
  • Full control over the management of the onboarding and vetting process to include new registrants 
  • Dedicated Administration console for the orchestrator to fully operate the DEP 
Advanced data transactions governance
  • Negotiation tools and customizable licensing, contracts and prices
  • Transactions and contractual documents follow up
  • Traceability of all data negotiations and transactions capabilities
  • Multilingual & international research
  • Search engine with various filtering options
  • Creation of alerts describing data needs
  • Customized data sources suggestions based on alerts and researches

Flexible data sharing and data valorization

  • Creation and publishing of file-based, subscription-based and API-based data offerings
  • Commercialization of data (File-based, Subscription-based, API-based)
  • Free-of-charge sharing of data (File-based, Subscription-based, API-based)
  • Open data distribution

Sophisticated compliance & security features

  • Account security using two-factor authentication 
  • Data Center Selection
  • End-to-end encryption 
  • Blacklist domains management for platform access
Admin console

Wide array of configuration, customization and white-labelling features

  • Cloud agnostic/Cloud provider selection
  • Branding customization 
  • Messages customization
  • Platform configuration (currencies, languages, payment workflow, ...)
  • DEP Business Model implementation

Feel the benefits of Data Exchange at every level of your organization

Successful data marketplaces implementations

Dawex Data Exchange technology is used by very different players to meet different objectives. Our community of clients perfectly illustrates the broad range of existing approaches to data exchange ecosystems, from industry-specific data exchanges), to large conglomerate approaches or topic-focused.

Dive into Data Exchange now

Data Exchange is becoming a key capability for all organizations seeking to enter the data economy. Its finer points and intricacies can be challenging to grasp, which is why Dawex has teams of seasoned experts to help you on your Data Exchange journey.