All technology roads lead to Data Exchange

Building cutting-edge data exchange platform solutions to leverage all opportunities. 

Data is the common denominator of all future technological developments. Enabling its circulation through data exchange is a powerful drive for organizations to leverage the potential of data. Technology & Innovation are rooted in the Dawex DNA, to create the best in class fully customized data exchange platforms.

Corporate Data Hubs, Industry Data Exchanges, Data Marketplaces and Data Exchanges innovation creates value for public and private organizations alike. These technologies are the foundation of strong data ecosystems, and increasing cooperation between organizations at scale. They are crucial to leverage all the opportunities Data Exchange has to offer.

The most sophisticated and pioneering data exchange technology

The pioneering spirit is one of our corporate values and part of the company’s culture and foundation. Dawex technology strives to set the highest standards on the data exchange market and steadily implements the latest innovation. Our teams constantly investigate how to improve data circulation to enable safer, easier and flexible data transactions. 

Since the beginning, both Dawex business and engineering talents have brought their knowledge, dedication and expertise, instilling their efforts into  building the most advanced data exchange technology on the market. Our teams constantly expand the capabilities of Dawex Data Exchange Platform, leveraging customers’ feedback and market insights to build a sophisticated advanced solution tailored to organizations’ current needs and anticipating future requirements. Dawex culture constantly prompts innovation to contribute to the development of a smooth and robust data economy. 

Our technology makes possible secure data transactions at scale to improve organizations’ efficiency and productivity, generate new revenue streams and increase company value.


Dedicated experts at the forefront of innovation

When you are dealing with such a powerful element as data, creativity and innovation are limitless. Dawex is committed to gathering the latest technologies and expertise to build the most comprehensive Data Exchange Platform solutions.  

Dawex dedicated Research team, composed of PhDs and recognized data experts, embraces latest advancements on subjects like blockchain, edge computing, homomorphic encryption, trusted execution environments or secure remote passwords. Our teams spearhead innovations to guarantee the integration of state-of-the-art technologies, ensure product future proof and maintain Dawex Data Exchange technology leadership.

“Tech Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum

For its 20th edition, the World Economic Forum appointed Dawex as a Technology Pioneer for its leadership, innovation and heavy social & business impact on the economy.  First French data company to receive this distinction, 8th French company named Tech Pioneers since 2007, Dawex joins a two-year program to contribute to the Data Policy work group with the mission to co-design, pilot and scale forward-looking, interoperable, and trustworthy data policies to fuel innovation and accelerate responsible use of data.

A recognized expertise

Advanced Technology and Innovation are more than concepts or words. In order to be legitimate, they have to be proven and recognized... 

Since its inception, Dawex focused its energy and efforts on building advanced and sophisticated data exchange technology to address forward looking data challenges, delivering a wide variety of client use cases and business models, always ensuring the highest levels of security, traceability and governance of the data exchanges.

Regularly consulted and engaged in projects at European and Institutional level on topics related to data sharing, data trading and privacy matters, Dawex is also recognized by Gartner, Forrester, IDC, 451 Research and other renowned research firms as a pioneer in the data economy.

Security, a constant priority

Security and compliance are always top of mind when dealing with data. They are at the very core of Dawex Data Exchange technology. Dawex provides security by-design and by-default through the infrastructure, architecture, code and operations of Data Exchange Platforms. Compliance with data policy frameworks such as the future Data Governance Act and the future Data act in Europe is also an essential component of Dawex solutions that increase trust in the exchanges.

Dawex follows the latest industry best practices in the development  and the quality of its code. Security is seeped throughout all Dawex technologies to provide confidentiality, integrity, trust and business continuity.

In May 2021, Dawex completed SOC 2 Type I and SOC 3 Security and Availability Audit Certification after obtaining SOC 1 type I compliance. In April 2022, Dawex completed SOC 2 Type II certification demonstrating its commitment to providing the highest level of security and aligning to the most stringent industry standards.