Mitigate risks with Data Exchange

Ensure a safe and secure environment for your data circulation.

Engage in Data Exchange with confidence

Data is a valuable asset that can have crucial strategic importance for any organization, public or private. A complete Data Exchange framework seeks to leverage this value while ensuring a safe and secure environment in which all risks are known, measured, and their impact alleviated.

An organization engaging in data exchange ultimately faces the challenge of finding the right balance between compliance to all enforceable regulations and governance rules to foster trust, and the flexibility needed to promote innovation and increase data exchanges.

Dedicated advanced features to steer clients towards compliance, mitigating regulatory risk

According to the World Economic Forum there are currently over 120 different data regulations in the world. That number is still increasing. 

Ranging from minor concerns to predominant responsibilities, most important standard-setting data regulations deal with personal data. The most influential and advanced regulations being the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR in Europe,  the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the USA, and the Act on the Protection of Personal Information in Japan. Additionally, the future Data Governance Act and the future Data Act coming soon in Europe will provide regulatory frameworks for data exchanges and access. 

Dawex Data Exchange Platform provides safeguards, checklists, reminders, disclaimers throughout the user journey on the platform. These precautions and provisions help to respect the enforceable rules and make organizations aware of their responsibilities.

Dawex technology mitigates the risks associated with Data Exchange and helps you nurture a trusted environment. 

Powerful legal commitments management features, mitigating contractual risk

Data exchanges and transactions at scale on a data marketplace involve contractual engagements that need to be managed efficiently. 

Dawex Data Exchange Platform enables to configure and generate contracts from templates validated by the legal teams of the platform operator or data provider.

With the advanced features of the platform, gain a centralized view on all contractual commitments made by your company when it acquires or distributes data.

A controlled Data Exchange environment, mitigating reputational risk

Regardless of the data type, a data transaction remains a sensitive topic that if mistreated could constitute a reputational risk.

Mitigating reputational risk means for the Dawex Data Exchange Platform orchestrator the possibility to provide a controlled, secure environment in which organizations have a holistic view of all the data circulation, the data exchanges, and transactions. The Data Exchange Platform offers encrypted secure channels, secure algorithms, asymmetric encryption to store as well as advanced trust management tools to onboard verified profiles.

Mitigating reputational risk also means for data providers the control given by Dawex Data Exchange technology over almost every setting available: which data to share, with whom, according to what terms, which licensing mode is used, and more!   

Reassure all clients and partners with the advanced traceability the Dawex Data Exchange Platform delivers.

Advisory Services

Identifying Data Exchange opportunities and use cases, defining a Data Exchange strategy that complements your business and data strategies: these founding elements require advanced expertise to design a tailor-made roadmap to treating data as the strategic business asset it is. 

Dawex has structured and experimented best practices, delivered easily applicable methodologies and approaches to kickstart successful data exchange strategies. 

Security & Privacy

To share data safely and securely, organizations need cutting-edge security to ensure there is no risk of a breach or of a leak. Only data marketplaces that have security-by-design and by-default and dedicated special consideration to the governance mode of their platform can provide the level of security and privacy required to engage fully in data exchanges and transactions.

In May 2021, Dawex completed SOC 2 Type I and SOC 3 Security and Availability Audit Certification after obtaining SOC 1 type I compliance. In April 2022, Dawex completed SOC 2 Type II certification demonstrating its commitment to providing the highest level of security and aligning to the most stringent industry standards.

Improve company valuation

The financial markets and investors value data-savvy organizations more than less data-savvy organizations. Data Exchange empowers organizations to become truly data-driven, and to reap the benefits of becoming a true data company.

Increasing the value of your organization through data begins with the right management of this unique asset, and understanding what can be undertaken to drive value from it, directly or indirectly. 

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