Increase company value with Data Exchange

Harness the potential of your data assets to boost your company’s valuation.

Data-exchanging businesses lead to higher company valuation

In the Information Age, as organizations begin to understand that their data is an asset, the ability to showcase and valorize it outside their walls is a strong hint at the organization’s actual value. 

While many organizations today are using data for internal purposes only, more and more see the opportunities that external data exchanges can bring. A recent MIT report entitled “The Global AI Agenda” found that 66% of businesses are willing to share data externally to help develop new AI-enabled efficiencies, products, or even value chains. 

Managing, circulating and valorizing data in a trusted manner have a direct positive impact on the company’s valuation. Companies that are transforming themselves to become data-savvy companies - or even better, data-product companies - are seeing their profit levels as well as their market value increase substantially. 

"Generating 1% of incremental revenue through data could result in an earning increase of 10% and a company valuation increase of more than 25%”.


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Data Exchange, a company valuation booster



Increasing shareholder value

The value of data is often underestimated. Data value appraisals examined independently reveals that this capital represents a very high percentage of the total value of the company.

Data must be measured and managed as an asset and, Data Exchange is a key enabler that will greatly contribute to increasing company value.

Orchestrating a data ecosystem leveraging the value of data assets

Orchestrating a data ecosystem means being the organization enabling others to generate value through data exchanges.

Optimizing data circulation across the data ecosystem creates a virtuous circle. All participants have access to new data and can develop new data products crossing different data sources, resulting in new data offerings opportunities.

Fostering brand equity

Becoming the orchestrator of a data ecosystem powered by data exchange increases your  brand’s visibility and places it at the core of its industry.

Your brand equity will be increased through Data Exchange, positively impacting your company's stock valuation.

Increasing an organization’s market value thanks to a data valuation process

Valuing data as a balance-sheet asset is an important step enabling organizations to turn latent assets into measured and well-managed assets.

By formally identifying which are the key data assets that your organization has, by also identifying who - within and outside your organization - might be interested in those data, and why, your organization will be able to gauge the true value potential of its data.

Driving new revenue streams with Data Exchange

Empowered by solid Data Exchange capabilities, organizations can maximize direct and indirect data monetization potential, generating new sustainable revenue streams. Data Exchange is a major enabler for developing new data distribution activities - where data is the product -  as well as for enhancing your existing product and service portfolio with data.

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