Improve your organization productivity and efficiency

Turning data into valuable assets.

Take your organization to the next level with Data Exchange

Data Exchange helps you optimize your organization’s productivity by turning the data it generates and sources into valuable assets accessible to all your stakeholders. 

The consulting firm IDC predicts global data generation will reach 175 zettabytes (ZB) by 2025 (IDC, The Digitization of the World, 2018). The productivity challenge today is centered around data access, traceability, relevancy, and circulation. 

Data Exchange paves the way to optimized productivity by: 

  • Improving information circulation and visibility
  • Providing traceability of data to improve the efficiency of data workers
  • Optimizing the collaboration between all departments or organizations 
  • Gathering scattered data sources in an accessible spot
  • Developing the use of external data, complementing internal data 
  • Promoting the generation of better insights 
  • Enhancing the speed and quality of decision-making 
  • Reducing costs through data discovery time-saving

Data Exchange accelerates the transformation of data into information, insight, market knowledge, to help organizations have the lean, cost-cutting efficiency necessary to keep a competitive edge in a data-driven world.

Gain data-driven performance, speed, and cost-effectiveness

By leveraging Data Exchange at scale, you:


"The API-Agro platform, powered by Dawex Data Exchange Technology, has facilitated data discovery in our organization. The platform’s flexibility and sophistication improved our collaboration, decision-making and has been a considerable time gain enhancing our efficiency."
Sébastien Picardat
Agdatahub CEO

Upgrade your productivity to data-driven levels

An award-winning platform to empower your business

Dawex is the technology leader of Data Exchange bringing forth state-of-the-art solutions and skilled advice to design and implement comprehensive data exchange strategies. Awarded “Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum in 2020, Dawex is recognized by major research firms as a leading data exchange and data marketplace provider.

Turn Data Exchange into a powerful business enabler

Comprehensive data exchange capabilities need to offer different types of licensing modes, and to ensure data transactions are secure and compliant to enforceable data regulations. It requires advanced technology and expertise for Data Exchange to become a transformative business driver for your organization.   

To maximize value, data requires an environment where it can be organized, distributed and orchestrated across your organization and within an extended ecosystem.

Generate new revenue streams with Data Exchange

The benefits of Data Exchange extend beyond improving the efficiency and the productivity of your organization and can generate new revenue streams through the valorization of data.

Internal or external, direct or indirect monetization can unlock the untapped potential for organizations from all industries. Through the creation of data-driven products or services, direct monetization of data or API subscriptions, or even by improving your brand impact Data Exchange can boost value creation across your organization.

Take a peek at Data Exchange business benefits

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