Data Hub

Facilitate the secure sharing of data and the provision of data-related services to build data partnerships, foster innovation and stimulate value creation.

Accelerate the digital transformation of your ecosystem with a state-of-the-art Data Hub

The success of any digital transformation initiative depends on the ability organizations have to access and share data from multiple internal and external sources, and use it to generate actionable insights.

Data Hubs help build and operate solid data partnerships.

They ensure secure data sharing amongst multiple stakeholders.

They facilitate the orchestration of various data services and tools for data exchange, data storage and data processing.

Do you want to access or share large amounts of data amongst trusted partners in order to train AI models?

Your goal is to build a data sharing environment that enables the development and deployment of innovative use cases to boost your industry?

A data hub will bring you the foundation on which you will be able to deploy your business and data strategy successfully.

“66% of companies are willing to share data externally to help develop new AI-enabled efficiencies, products, or even value chains”
MIT Technology - The Global AI Agenda - March 2020
A study among 1000 leaders and AI experts from around the world

Build innovative use cases leveraging the power of a Data Hub

A data hub provides a highly secure digital environment for business and data teams to share data and to access and deliver rich data services. It brings the level of flexibility and sophistication needed to design and build innovative use cases:

  1. The data hub can be configured in a way that perfectly matches the mission and scope of your initiative
  2. Adaptive governance model supports all key stakeholders (data or service provider, data or service acquirer, data hub orchestrator, …) and orchestration modes (single organization, partnership, consortium, …)
  3. Rich capabilities allow secure data exchange services, as well as connectivity to external data processing tools and services, combined with various data storage mechanisms
  4. The data hub technology framework is built for fast scaling of your data exchange activity to levels otherwise unreachable

Create powerful data exchange ecosystems

In today’s economy, data has become a product of unlimited potential, with its own value, and a source of new revenue streams. By accelerating and facilitating data circulation, organizations create ecosystems around data exchange platforms that meet regulatory requirements and address traceability and security challenges.

Relying on its technology, business and regulatory expertise, Dawex provides organizations with the best-in-class solution for data exchange platform, data sharing, data marketplace and data hub to orchestrate the sourcing, distribution and exchange of data.

Data ecosystems have become a fundamental component of business competitiveness and economic sovereignty. Organizations that implement and master data circulation foster a competitive advantage within their ecosystem and beyond.

Sophisticated features that can be configured to meet your needs

Dawex Data Exchange Platform technology includes many features and functionalities that are essential to operating a Data Hub. Some features are natively included in the Data Hub, others are activated based on the priorities set in your strategy.

Manage data partnerships leveraging a wide range of data exchange features

  • Full traceability of all interactions and transactions between all stakeholders
  • Free or paid data exchanges
  • Open data licenses or fully customizable commercial data licenses
  • File-based or API-based data exchanges
  • One-time exchanges or subscriptions
Sophisticated data visibility options
  • Data providers decide who can view and access their data offerings
  • Set data offerings visibility for all, for specific organizations or even specific individuals

Your Data Hub is ready for international and cross-border use

  • Multilingual interface and search
  • Automatic translation of your data offerings descriptions based on user preferred language
  • Multiple national and supranational data regulations supported (Europe, US, Japan, …)

Extend the scope of your Data Hub with a data-related Services marketplace

  • Onboard service providers on your Data Hub that provide all types of data-related services
  • Services include data preparation, data anonymization, data analytics, AI services, storage, legal advice, consultancy, …

Upstream and downstream integration of your Data Hub into your application architecture and data management stack

  • Integration with data preparation, data visualization, data analytics tools
  • Integration with major data storage solutions
  • Integration with the Identity & Access Management system used in your organization

Highly secure and flexible Data Hub infrastructure

  • Choose where your data reside
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Secure user interface and account management

A pragmatic and strategic approach to data exchange

As new data potential is uncovered, a data ecosystem or a data space evolves, matures, and even changes objectives. Organizations can rely on a wide range of data exchange services to help them address their specific situation and challenges. Dawex offers a range of advisory services allowing organizations to better plan,operate and adjust their data exchanges with flexibility.

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Successful data hubs implementations

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