7 November 2023 - 2 min read

Dawex Technology Interfaces with Data Connectors to Power Data Spaces

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Dawex Data Exchange Technology Interfaces with Data Connectors to Power Data Spaces

Data spaces’ and data intermediaries’ orchestrators benefit from Dawex Data Exchange advanced capabilities to boost their data ecosystems.


Paris, France - November 8, 2023 - Dawex, the leader in Data Exchange solutions, today announced that Dawex Data Exchange technology interfaces with data connectors to support orchestrators in the deployment of data spaces and data intermediaries. With Dawex Data Exchange Platform solutions, orchestrators can enroll, operate, boost and monitor their data spaces, either managed or decentralized, by leveraging the deployment of data connectors, such as EDC connectors implementing the IDSA specification, according to the de facto Gaia-X standard and in compliance with the Data Governance Act.

Thanks to the deployment of multi-data connectors, Dawex technology delivers true interoperability with any data infrastructure that may be used by data providers and data acquirers. By interfacing with a wide range of connectors agnostic to the infrastructure or application layers, Dawex Data Exchange Platform solutions allow to manage Data Exchanges in a distributed approach and build data spaces & data intermediaries easily, connecting Data Fabrics and infrastructures from different vendors.

Dawex Data Exchange Platform delivers all necessary capabilities to natively respond to business and technical challenges that arise when exchanging data at scale such as: trust in data transactions, compliance with regulations, security and privacy requirements, flexibility of the business modeling and of the governance models, performance and interoperability of the solutions. Dawex Data Exchange technology addresses the needs of the orchestrator operating the platform as a trusted intermediary, as well as the needs of the data providers and data acquirers engaged in trusted data transactions. 

Today, organizations from multiple sectors, as well as European data spaces such as TEMS, the trusted European Media data space, and SM4RTENANCE, the European data space for Manufacturing, and the Gaia-X lighthouse project Agdatahub, the data intermediation platform for agriculture & agri-food, rely on the most complete and efficient Data Exchange solution powered by Dawex technology, to securely distribute or share data products, with trust, in compliance with data regulations. 

Thanks to Dawex technology, organizations benefit from a wide range of features & capabilities to facilitate data circulation, scale operations in any business model and ultimately boost & accelerate the deployment of their data spaces and data intermediaries. 

“Today’s organizations are seeking to improve their operations, foster innovation, capitalize on the potential of their data, or more generally take an ecosystemic leadership in an increasingly interconnected economy.” says Laurent Lafaye, co-CEO at Dawex. “Dawex Data Exchange Platform solutions are designed so orchestrators can rely on open, secure, compliant and trustworthy technology, delivering industrialized & future proof Data Exchanges.” 



About Dawex

Dawex is the leader in Data Exchange solutions to distribute or share data products, with trust, for any business case, in compliance with data regulations. With Dawex Data Exchange technology, organizations create data ecosystems and data spaces such as Data Marketplaces, Corporate Data Hubs and Industry Data Hubs to address economic, environmental and decarbonation challenges. At the invitation of the United Nations, Dawex joins the Data expert group of the United Nations Environment Program. Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, Dawex is also the initiator of an international standardization program on Trusted Data Transaction. Created in 2015, Dawex is headquartered in France, expanding business operations to Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East.


Press contact: 

Isabelle Joulot
Vice President Communications & Marketing




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