Data Exchange, unleash the value of your data

Orchestrate data circulation with your ecosystem and create powerful data partnerships.

Dawex announces the launch of the Japan Data Exchange to promote new data community

JDEX data marketplace unlocks the full potential of data and promotes the transition towards a data-driven economy.


Data Exchange, the must-have capability of successful data-driven organizations

Smart use of internal and external data is critical to maximize value creation. 
Implementing a Data Exchange strategy results in improved efficiency and productivity, new direct and indirect revenue streams and increased company value.

The most advanced Data Exchange technology on the market

Dawex Data Exchange Platform allows organizations to orchestrate data circulation, source, distribute and exchange data with their ecosystem, creating multiple data partnership opportunities.

Data Exchange Platform, what to look for?

[Article - 1 min read] Gain more insights on where to start your journey towards the data economy with a Data Exchange Platform.

Join a community of 13,000 organizations engaged in Data Exchange

On Dawex Global Data Marketplace, thousands of companies around the globe, from all industries, meet to exchange, sell, buy and monetize data in a traceable, trusted and secure environment.


Industries benefit from Data Exchange

70% of Data Exchange happens between organizations from different sectors. Exchange data internally and externally to create powerful data partnerships.

Our customer success stories

Review some of the innovative realizations built upon Dawex Data Exchange technology.

Meet Dawex

Dawex regularly hosts and participates in global events, webcasts and conferences on data exchange.

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