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Our trusted third-party platform gives you full control over your data transactions.

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« 70% of large organizations already purchase external data and 100% will do so by 2019. More organizations will begin to monetize their data by selling them. » - International Data Corporation

Monetize your data with complete control

  • Personalize your data offer to make it unique

    Decide on the marketing mix, how your offers are packaged, and set all the licensing conditions and terms of use for your data.

  • Sell your data and generate new revenue streams

    Quickly find buyers who correspond to your business criteria, and negotiate according to your own terms.

  • Manage your visibility on the platform

    Choose how you want to appear on the platform and the people you deal with.

For any industry

Companies’ digital transformation is accelerated by data circulation.
Dawex contributes directly by making it easier for stakeholders in various ecosystems to exchange with each other.

Illustration showing various business sectors: woman on bike, stopped cars, storm, and vineyards

Worldwide or private-use data marketplace

Take advantage of the data marketplace to monetize or acquire data around the entire world. Or use the platform in private mode to promote and exchange your data with your partners, such as subsidiaries, clients, and suppliers, with complete security and privacy.


Expand your data sourcing

Private companies and public-sector entities are ready to monetize or share their data, which will enrich your own internal data resources.

For data buyers

What data to monetize or acquire?

  • Technical, logistics, and industrial data

    Collected from 4.1 factories, shipping/transportation, instruments, ...

  • Marketing and commercial data

    Paths, traffic, prices, stock, carts, campaigns, satisfaction, opinions, ...

  • Data that may or may not be anonymized

    Data transfer must respect current regulations and strict platform conditions.

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