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Dawex, Partner of the Gaia-X Summit 2022

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Dawex, Partner of the Gaia-X Summit 2022


Platinum partner of the event, Dawex will participate in the Gaia-X Summit Press Conference alongside the Gaia-X board members.


Paris, France - November 8, 2022 - Dawex, the leading technology company for data exchange, data sharing, data marketplace and data hub, announced its participation as Platinum Partner in the Gaia-X Summit 2022 on November 17 & 18 in Paris. The event will present the latest updates on the works conducted by Gaia-X and its members, including the Trust Framework, the reference Architecture and the Data Exchange Services specifications, as well as the impact of the Lighthouse projects in key sectors of the European economy and on Society.


As a pioneer in Data Exchange and industry leader, Dawex has been actively contributing to Gaia-X since the launch of the European association in 2020, by providing its expertise on data exchange and the creation of data ecosystems. Dawex is also the lead of the Gaia-X Data Exchange Services Working Group, dedicated to the definition of the specifications of Data Exchange Services.


Today, Gaia-X brings together more than 350 members representing industries, politics, technical, scientific, academics and research.


Among the Dawex Highlights at the Gaia-X Summit 2022:


  • Wednesday, November 16 - Breakfast Press Day
    • 9:00 am to 11:30 am CET - Gaia-X Press Conference in presence of Laurent Lafaye, Dawex co-CEO, alongside the Gaia-X Board Members


  • Friday, November 18 - Summit Day #2
    Chapter 1 & 2: Lighthouse Business Case Scenarios
    • 10:50 to 11:00 CET - Presentation of Agdatahub, the reference platform for agricultural data circulation, based on Dawex Data Exchange technology. Agdatahub has been chosen as one of the Lighthouse projects by Gaia-X to accelerate the transformation of European agriculture. Presentation conducted by Sébastien Picardat, CEO of Agdatahub.

    Chapter 2: Lighthouse and Partners Business Case Scenarios
    • 13:20 - 14:20 - Dawex Presentation from Frédéric Bellaiche, PhD and Vice President Technology & Research at Dawex, entitled “Succeed in building sectoral common European data spaces, a matter of compliance with the DGA & the Gaia-X principles.”


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About Dawex

In today’s economy where data has become a product of unlimited potential, with its own value, and a source of new revenue streams, Dawex technology allows organizations to create new ecosystems around data exchange platforms that meet regulatory requirements and address traceability and security challenges. Dawex is the leading technology company for data exchange, data marketplace and data hub to orchestrate the sourcing, the distribution and the exchange of data. Awarded Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2020, Dawex is an active member of Gaia-X. Created in 2015, Dawex is headquartered in France, expanding business operations to Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East.


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