17 March 2022 - 2 min read

Dawex Data Exchange Technology Addresses the European Data Act Future Principles


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Dawex Data Exchange Technology Addresses the European Data Act Future Principles of Regulated Data Circulation


The new EU regulation Data Act reinforces the critical role of regulated data exchange to strengthen Europe’s leadership in the data economy.


Paris - March 17, 2022 - With more than 80% of industrial data remaining unused, the Data Act calls for the need of fundamental measures to regulate data circulation in order to make data more accessible for all. Granting consumers and companies the control over who accesses their data, for what purpose, is a pillar principle to future measures in order to unlock the richness of industrial data and build a regulated, fair European data economy. Dawex Data Exchange technology awards platform orchestrators the capability to keep control over the circulation of data through a secure, trusted data sharing and data exchange environment ensuring visibility of which data is being used, for which usage, under which terms.


In today’s economy where data has become a product with its own value, not limited to its usage, and the source of new revenue streams, Dawex technology allows organizations to create and gather new ecosystems around data exchange platforms that meet regulatory frameworks and address traceability and security challenges. Dawex is the leading technology company for data exchange, data marketplace and data hub, whose mission is to facilitate and accelerate secure data circulation between all economic stakeholders.


As the European Data Act stresses the critical importance of industrial data circulation in order to foster European data-driven innovation, Dawex technology has already demonstrated its operational and business value in more than 20 sectors such as agriculture, space, retail, agrifood, automotive, infrastructure, tourism, real estate and mobility by helping organizations in those industries address economical, social and environmental challenges.


The future Data Act is designed to harmonize rules on the fair access to and use of data generated in the EU across all economic sectors. The proposed measures encompass:

- Facilitating access to generated IoT data to boost data-driven innovative services development,

- Rebalancing SMEs’ negotiating power to prevent contractual misconducts in data exchange contracts,

- Allowing public sector bodies access to data held by companies in public emergencies situations,

- Defining new rules for data and cloud interoperability to simplify cloud and edge service providers switch,

- Safeguarding unlawful data access and transfer by non-EU governments.


Dawex Data Exchange solution provides all the means and capabilities for data providers, data users and data exchange service providers to implement the future Data Act principles by delivering the high level of flexibility, traceability and control available to all parties involved in data exchange. Data products can be clearly defined, accessed and exchanged under flexible and fully configurable licensing terms, free of charge or against compensation.


"The Data Act’s ambition is to ensure a fair and innovative European data economy by making data more available for reuse to stimulate data-driven innovation.” says Laurent Lafaye, co-CEO at Dawex. “Since its inception, Dawex has been committed to delivering cutting-edge data exchange technology to bring the perfect conditions for secure and compliant data sharing. Dawex Data Exchange solutions are already aligned to what the Data Act proposes.”


Available in white label, Dawex Data Exchange, Data Hub and Data Marketplace solutions are today the only solutions on the market to offer such easy, efficient and highly secure data exchange capabilities.


“The development of Data Exchange technology facilitates the circulation of data between all economic stakeholders, supporting the flexible deployment of data ecosystems and their interconnection.” said Fabrice Tocco, Dawex co-CEO. “The Data Act is another critical milestone that confirms Dawex vision and its technological direction for data exchange, driving a strong data economy.”


About Dawex

Dawex is the leading technology company for data exchange, data marketplace and data hub. Dawex mission is to facilitate and accelerate secure data circulation between economic stakeholders, institutions and private organizations, contributing to the development of the data economy. Awarded Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, Dawex is a member of Gaia-X and a co-founding member of the Data Exchange Association. Created in 2015, Dawex has offices in France and Canada, expanding business operations to Asia, North America and the Middle East.


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