28 November 2022 - 2 min read

Dawex & IDSA Applaud the 1st Publication of the Gaia-X Data Exchange Services

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Dawex & IDSA Applaud the Publication by Gaia-X of the First Data Exchange Services Specification Document, Marking a New Milestone for Developing a Strong, Secure, Trustworthy and Sovereign European Data Economy


Resulting from an intensive and thorough collaboration from the Gaia-X Data Exchange Services Working Group members, the Data Exchange Services Specification document sets guiding principles on what data exchanges should be.


Paris, France - November 28, 2022 - Dawex, the leading technology company for data exchange, data marketplace and data hub, and the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), defining a global standard for trustworthy data connectors, respectively Lead and co-Lead of the Gaia-X Data Exchange Services Working Group, today applaud the first publication of the Gaia-X Data Exchange Services document, and congratulate the Working Group members on their active contribution and for reaching this exceptional milestone.


The Gaia-X Data Exchange Services Specification document defines the vocabulary for data exchange, sets the definition of data exchange services as well as conceptual & operational models, data exchange policies and ontologies for data exchange to deliver trust, interoperability, discoverability and traceability to the data economy.


The publication by Gaia-X of the Data Exchange Services Specification document is resulting from an intensive collaboration between members of the Data Exchange Services Working Group. The group gathered organizations from 8 countries, representing a diversity of industries including technology, cloud, finance, telecommunications, automotive and energy, who worked diligently for 6 months to deliver a comprehensive specification paper for data exchange.


This announcement is also following the publication of the Gaia-X Architecture and the Gaia-X Trust Framework documents defining guiding principles for establishing a data ecosystem.


“Dawex congratulates all participating members of the Gaia-X Data Exchange Services Working Group for delivering guidelines set to structure and define the principles around data exchanges, this is outstanding.” said Laurent Lafaye, co-CEO at Dawex. “The latest publications of the Gaia-X works are a real breakthrough, a cornerstone for building a strong and resilient European data economy. This highly collaborative and open work will certainly serve as a source of inspiration for those around the world who are looking for a trust data economy,” added Laurent Lafaye.


“The Data Exchange Working Group creates a common understanding how the infrastructure ecosystem and the data ecosystem connect to each other based on the Gaia-X Trust Framework, referring to already existing specifications of IDSA and others, to enable the rise of data spaces in Europe and all over the world”, said Sebastian Steinbuss, CTO of IDSA. “ It is a pleasure to be part of the community.”


About Dawex

In today’s economy where data has become a product of unlimited potential, with its own value, and a source of new revenue streams, Dawex technology allows organizations to create new ecosystems around data exchange platforms that meet regulatory requirements and address traceability and security challenges. Dawex is the leading technology company for data exchange, data marketplace and data hub to orchestrate the sourcing, the distribution and the exchange of data. Awarded Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2020, Dawex is an active member of Gaia-X. Created in 2015, Dawex is headquartered in France, expanding business operations to Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East.


Press contact 

Isabelle Joulot

Vice President Communications & Marketing




About International Data Spaces Association (IDSA)

The International Data Spaces Association is on a mission to create the future of the global, digital economy. Its 130+ member companies and institutions have created the International Data Spaces architecture (IDS): a secure system of sovereign and trusted data exchange in which all participants can realize the full value of their data. IDS enables new smart services and innovative business processes to work across companies and industries while ensuring that the control of data remains in the hands of data providers. We call this data sovereignty. Please visit our website at internationaldataspaces.org


Press contact

Nora Gras

Senior Communications Manager




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