5 July 2017 - 1 min read

A new milestone for Dawex: over 1,000 users

We’ve reached the 1,000-user milestone!

Here’s some good news for today: Dawex has reached the milestone of 1,000 users registered in its marketplace. Our users are present in all business sectors, and are interested in both buying and selling data.

These 1,000 companies are based on all continents, mainly throughout Europe and North America. They also have highly diverse profiles. Nonetheless, it can be observed that some sectors are more highly represented than others, notably commerce, retail & e-commerce, banks and insurance, environment, energy, and media and entertainment.

76 large companies generating a total of over €1 billion annually have placed their trust in Dawex. Most of them are involved with banking, financial, automotive, insurance, research, consulting, and retail sectors.

This first wave of active users is very encouraging for us, pushing us to work harder to continue revolutionizing -- with you -- the data economy and its applications. Thank you for your continued confidence. Stay tuned for more numbers!