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We have developed a powerful feature set dedicated to monetizing and acquiring data. A trusted place for data suppliers and buyers.

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Free or paid data

Take advantage of the flexibility of the Dawex platform to monetize your data or exchange it free of charge.

Stay in control

Control your company’s visibility as well as the distribution of your data. You decide who has access to your data.

Volume, variety, and speed

Exchange unlimited amounts of data--most formats are accepted--however frequently you decide.

Personalized contract license

Configure your data usage rights to set up a contract license that protects you.

Promote your data

Use data visualization algorithms to quickly evaluate the quality and relevance of data regardless of quantity.

Objective sample data

Visualize representative data samples generated automatically by algorithms.

Access new sources

Choose keywords to describe your data or to detect data across all sectors, anywhere in the world

Receive notification when needed

Don’t miss any opportunities and receive notifications about topics that need your attention.

For recurring transactions

Program and supervise your data exchanges over time.

Data protection

Follow easy steps to exchange data containing personal information in complete compliance with regulations.

Administration and traceability

Find your correspondence history and transaction details at any time.

Never lost

Get fast answers at every step thanks to contextual help and online support.

Implement your own data exchange platform

With the Dawex Data Exchange Platform, companies interested in orchestrating their data circulation within a well-controlled ecosystem ( subsidiaries, customers, suppliers, etc.) can leverage Dawex technology for:

  • Securing transfers

    Exchange data securely with your clients, partners, subsidiaries, business units, and more.

  • Contractualizing exchanges

    Establish personalized license contracts that define the uses you authorize for your data.

  • Monetizing data

    Promote your data and set internal transfer prices for your group or your partners.

  • Using the platform in hybrid mode

    You may check data available on the worldwide data marketplace at any time to enrich your internal sources.

What criteria are used to evaluate data?

  • Market position

    Reputation and trust in the data supplier

  • Rarities

    Alternatives for finding comparable data

  • Truth

    Information that matches reality

  • Volume

    Representativity and history available

  • Frequency

    Data refreshed regularly

  • Structured

    Additional effort to be usable

  • Documented

    Clear and detailed explanations

  • Completeness

    Data operationally usable

  • Longevity

    Data availability in the future

  • Dependency

    Importance of decisions made with the data

Evaluate data for sale

Data visualization tools help you to quickly evaluate the quality and relevance of data, regardless of the quantity. In addition, a representative data sample is generated automatically by algorithms.

Evaluate data for sale

Data visualization tools help you to quickly evaluate the quality and relevance of data, regardless of the quantity. In addition, a representative data sample is generated automatically by algorithms.

Designed for developers

With the Dawex API, our platform is also easy to use for developers.

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Security, compliance, and privacy

Data transactions between companies and organizations around the world are based on trust. We have taken all necessary measures to secure our platform and your data. We use the Blockchain and its Smart Contract technology to ensure the integrity of the licensing contract.

  • Data protection

    Your data is encrypted and hosted on the servers closest to your location, in the United States or Europe, with technical infrastructure meeting the strictest worldwide standards.

  • Compliance with regulations

    To secure your data exchanges beyond national borders, Dawex has chosen to obtain certification from independent data protection authorities.

  • Privacy

    Your data belongs to you. It has value and we are aware of that. We are committed to guaranteeing data privacy, protecting discussions you may have with your contacts, as well as the content of your transactions.

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Access the marketplace to monetize or acquire your data from around the entire world. Or use our technology in Data Exchange Platform mode to promote and exchange your data with your partners, such as subsidiaries, clients, and suppliers, with complete security and privacy.

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