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Accelerate your Data Exchange strategy using Dawex advisory services

Many organizations are increasingly considering data as a critical asset that has the potential to create a huge competitive advantage within their ecosystem and beyond.

Here are some of the key questions often raised:

  • How to identify the data owned or generated by my organization?
  • How to initiate -or accelerate- our move towards data exchange?
  • How to define a data exchange strategy that fits well within my global business objectives?
  • How to get executive buy-in and kickstart a data exchange strategy? 
  • How to choose and validate the data exchange business model that best fits my organization?
  • What are the specific data exchange opportunities but also challenges that we need to address?

Don’t look any further.

Dawex has capitalized a rich cross-disciplinary expertise, collected feedback from the market, structured best practices, and built pragmatic approaches to help organizations kickstart and deploy a winning data exchange strategy. Organizations that are engaging in data exchange take leadership on the market by positioning themselves at the center of their ecosystem.

Streamline your data sourcing activities

To build value-generating use cases, data-driven organizations need to acquire a lot of information from outside sources, to be combined with internal sources.

Here are a few examples:

  • Airlines are combining internal data, sensor data from the airplanes with airport data to optimize aircraft refuelling and departure preparations
  • Large insurance groups in search of a more comprehensive view on their various subsidiaries and divisions’ data sourcing activities to optimize costs and reduce compliance risks
  • Hedge funds acquiring alternative data sources to feed their investment algorithms

Finding and sourcing the right data and ensuring compliance to regulations by vetting data providers are critical.

Dawex helps organizations structure their data sourcing approaches, define the architecture to set up and the technology stack that will help them manage their data sourcing activity at scale.

Unlock your data potential inside and outside your organization

Data is a profitable asset that contributes to making products and services smarter and more valuable to its users. Data is also a product in itself that other organizations are prepared to pay for to get access to.

Welcome to the data economy.

To leverage all the benefits of data circulation, the best approach is to be strategic about it. Dawex has built a structured and pragmatic methodology to help organizations address key questions when considering building and scaling data distribution and commercialization activities:

  • What are the data that are available in my organization or that can be acquired?
  • Can it be used to build compelling data products?
  • Who might be interested in such data (target acquirers groups) and why (use cases)?
  • How can I create strategic data partnerships?
  • What revenue can I project in the next five years?
  • What is the business model underlying my data distribution activity (free, paid, subscription, performance-based or transactional)?
  • What has the organization to put in place and the tools required to scale the business?
  • What is the roadmap?

Whether you are looking for a Data Hub, a Data Marketplace, a Data Sharing or a Data Exchange Platform, Dawex advisors help organizations navigate these questions using an interactive approach, combining strategic vision with quick wins.

Build powerful public-private data sharing strategies for the common good

Governments, regions and cities around the world have initiated open-data agendas for more than a decade now. As the need for broader access to data by all economic stakeholders intensifies, in particular to solve new economic, societal and environmental challenges, public organizations are now accelerating the movement by launching data exchange ecosystems that close the gap between private and public sectors, and also between open data and commercial data.

Dawex advisors help public organizations design winning public-private data sharing strategies, offering guidance for the deployment, growth and operation of data exchange platforms or marketplaces.

Position your organization at the center of emerging data ecosystems

The opportunity for private or public organizations is not limited to unlocking value from data they own or acquire. It also resides in the role they can play in emerging data ecosystems. Not every single organization can pretend taking that role but the opportunity at stake can be highly rewarding -and lucrative- to create data partnerships, develop, launch and orchestrate dedicated data exchange platforms, data marketplaces or data hubs, vertically oriented and/or regionally focused.

Dawex advisors help private and public organizations tackle this data orchestration opportunity, identify and prioritize objectives, list the long and short term benefits, build the business plan and roadmap related to the launch of a specialized Data Exchange, Data Hub or Data Marketplace.

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