15 December 2020 - 2 min read

Dawex Joins The European GAIA-X Initiative

Press release

After joining the select group of international companies that will define the global standards for data governance with the World Economic Forum, Dawex is now contributing to create a federated data infrastructure for Europe.


Paris, France - december 15 2020 - Dawex, the leading data exchange technology company, joins GAIA-X, the European federated data infrastructure. This European initiative aims to develop common requirements for a European data infrastructure, connecting infrastructures in order to turn them into a homogeneous, user-friendly system, strengthening also the ability to access, share and exchange data securely and confidently. By creating a proposal for the next generation of a data infrastructure for Europe, GAIA-X ambition is to provide a secure, federated system that meets the highest standards of digital independence while promoting innovation, and a new culture and understanding of data infrastructure interoperability.


Dawex has chosen to take part in this initiative in order to bring its Data Exchange expertise and a sustainable contribution to the development of a strong digital ecosystem in Europe. By joining GAIA-X, Dawex supports the acceleration of the development of a European data hub in a secure, trusted and compliant environment, taking into account the latest developments regarding regulations of personal and industrial/enterprise data, as well as the future European Data Governance Act.


Dawex Data Exchange technology allows public and private organizations to orchestrate data circulation, source, distribute and exchange data with stakeholders securely, in compliance with regulations. This technology is key to the development of European data ecosystems as promoted earlier this year by Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services. These data ecosystems will unlock the tremendous potential value of data that is currently untapped.


In June 2020, Dawex was named a “Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum, contributing to the Data Policy work group to help define and implement forward-looking, interoperable, and trustworthy data policies to fuel innovation. By joining GAIA-X, a strong European ecosystem of tech players, Dawex brings an essential brick allowing all stakeholders involved in data exchanges to approach them at the same time on a technical, functional, business and regulatory level.


"Our mission is to provide cutting-edge data exchange technology that facilitates the circulation of data in a secure and trusted environment that complies with local and global regulations.” says Laurent Lafaye, co-CEO at Dawex. “This raises the central question of data infrastructure interoperability, which is essential to promote data access and data exchange to the largest number of companies in Europe.”


“GAIA-X initiative will foster the creation of data hubs that stimulate cross-sector innovation, create synergies, and allow the development of new use cases and business models.” says Fabrice Tocco, co-CEO of Dawex. “Dawex technology is very much aligned with this goal.”


About Dawex

Dawex, the leading data exchange technology company and the operator of the largest data marketplace, allows organizations to orchestrate data circulation, by sourcing and exchanging data securely, and in full compliance with regulations. Today 12,000+ organizations from 20+ sectors rely on Dawex Global Data Marketplace and Data Exchange Platform solutions to build their data exchange strategy. In 2020, Dawex is named Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. Created in 2015, Dawex is a tech-company with offices in France and Canada, expanding business operations to Asia and the Middle East. More information on: www.dawex.com


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Charles Parant press@dawex.com



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