22 June 2021 - 2 min read

Dawex Data Exchange Expert Program at the MIT CDOIQ 2021

On July 21, 2021, Dawex will take the floor of the prestigious MIT CDOIQ Symposium for a session dedicated to Data Exchange. For this edition, we have designed an exciting program, gathering experts to give their feedback and discuss their experience in building, implementing, orchestrating a data ecosystem, which leverages Data Exchange technology. Leaders of agricultural, travel, biotech and commerce Data Exchange initiatives will give first hand testimonies on how they include data sharing, data exchanges, data commercialization and data partnerships as key components of their business strategy.

Data exchanges are key enablers of data hubs and ecosystems

By breaking down silos, improving access to data and enabling flexible and secure data circulation, it is becoming increasingly evident that data hubs and ecosystems, powered by data exchange, are the building blocks of the data economy. We are witnessing a multiplication of cross-border and cross-sector data marketplaces and data exchanges, orchestrated by both public and private players to unlock the potential of data assets. These platforms prove to be essential in the value chain of data as they bridge data services and data use cases, while providing secure, traceable, trusted, regulatory-compliant data frameworks.


Data Exchange has become a must have for organizations willing to commercialize data products, improve their customers’ experience, optimize their business processes and data workers efficiency, manage their compliance risks, drive higher stock valuation and boost brand equity. Data Exchange has at the same time become an expert discipline. Liberating the potential of data requires a know-how, a methodology, accompaniment, and an adapted flexible, highly customizable framework.


To deploy their own data hub and ecosystem, organizations require the expert guidance and advices to identify, segment and prioritize data products and map their data partnerships opportunities, to ultimately serve their Data Exchange strategy and roadmap. This process will lead to the definition of key strategic components and drive the customization of the Data Exchange technology features, allowing an entire data ecosystem to thrive.

Sharing Data Exchange expertise at the MIT CDOIQ 2021

Let’s dive into the deployment of Data Exchange during a rich 1h-session moderated by Lynne Schneider, Research Director Data-as-a-Service, Location and Geospatial Intelligence at IDC, and meet Sébastien Picardat, CEO Agdatahub, Nick Morita, CEO of the Japan Data Exchange, Bettina Goerner, Chief Data Officer at Centogene, Marion Mesnage, Head of Nexwave at Amadeus Business Incubator, and Didier Navez, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Alliances at Dawex.


Join us for this unique event and use code “Dawex50” to get a 50% discount on your pass, which grants access to all the symposium's sessions. More updates and opportunities from us very soon. Stay tuned!

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