15 September 2021 - 1 min read

Data Exchange, an integral part of the Data Policy Transformation Map from the World Economic Forum

Since June 2020, Dawex, as a Tech Pioneer, has been an active contributor to the design of global data policies with the World Economic Forum, most notably by being involved with the Global Future Council and the Data for Common Purpose Initiative. This collective effort to define adapted data policies and frameworks to allow the virtuous development of the data economy is now translating into a significant contribution with the release of the Transformation Map on Data Policy.


Since 2015, when Dawex was founded, data valorization has gained worldwide attention from all economic stakeholders as a means to renew business and innovation perspectives. Together with an increased awareness of the need to unlock the potential value of data, a clear pressing demand has emerged to organize and regulate its circulation. A need which has become salient as organizations lead their digital transformation and everyone around the world shares online experiences. Data plays an obvious role in the creation of value. The rise of data-driven services and products poses a major question to organizations, businesses, consumers, citizens alike: data having the power to generate positive outcomes, who benefits from the unlocking of its value and how?


To this simple and yet deep question, forces are joining worldwide to get together and discuss the best ways to build a sustainable data economy, which prioritizes equity in the data value creation process so as to benefit all stakeholders. Co-designing data policies to address all aspects of the data value chain is a great privilege. Dawex contribution resides in putting forth three key principles behind the core notion of data exchange:


#1 To let data circulate with trust, data providers & acquirers need clear and reliable data policies and frameworks.


#2 The creation of viable and evolving data exchange protocols is key to enable data transactions at scale.


#3 A data exchange technology, which addresses 'by design' the legal, technical, security and compliance requirements is the way to enforce the agreed upon data policies and frameworks.


These principles are at the heart of our discussions with the World Economic Forum's wonderful partners and teams. We particularly would like to thank members of the Global Future Council on Data Policy for the enriching debates.


Read Dawex contribution to the Data Policy Transformation Map, a World Economic Forum essential piece, gathering input from high profile international data experts, who collectively describe the requirements for the design and implementation of effective data policies in order to create a sustainable framework for the data economy.


Access Data Policy Transformation Map




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