Expand your data sourcing

Access a diverse array of data providers who are ready to distribute their data.
Use Dawex as a trusted third-party to carry out data transactions with complete confidence

Brands, industrials, institutions, governments

Discover a new way to explore markets by accessing data directly at the source. Contact data producers while controlling your visibility without revealing your strategy. Supplier identity is verified and transactions are secured on Dawex, a trusted third-party.

Agencies, consultants, and brokers

Increase your teams’ efficiency thanks to new sources of knowledge. Give your clients more accurate answers with directly accessible information. Organize your business intelligence by activity sector for new opportunities to source data.

Discover rare/exclusive data

Are you searching for data for which no supplier has been found? We work with you to identify and approach the suppliers in possession of such data, regardless of the activity sector or location. Dawex is an independent third-party that helps you build a trusted relationship with new suppliers and handle your data transactions.

Evaluate data for sale

Data visualization tools help you to quickly evaluate the quality and relevance of data, regardless of the quantity. In addition, a representative data sample is generated automatically by algorithms.



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