Spotlight on Data Exchange and its impact on Europe’s future economy at the CDOIQ Europe Symposium

Join Dawex and inspiring speakers on September 8 in Lausanne, Switzerland

Data strategies and how to drive business value?

Dawex will take the stage on September 8 at the CDOIQ Europe Symposium, the European edition of the renowned MIT CDOIQ Symposium, organized by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to engage with Chief Data Officers and Data Leaders from large organizations.

The day will offer a rich perspective on the emergence of data ecosystems. 


From 11h30 to 12h30

Data Marketplace, How to actively engage with your data ecosystem. Use case in the aftermarket & mobility industry


From 14h to 14h45

Europe’s future economy boosted by data exchanges

With the Gaia-X initiatives, the Data Governance Act and the Data Act, Europe is demonstrating its leadership in building and developing a strong, regulated data economy. Creating secure data exchange frameworks brings trust, traceability and strengthens data governance. By facilitating the exchange of data across sectors and geographies, public and private organizations gain powerful information to foster innovation, address environmental, social and economical challenges and ultimately create an impact on our society.

Introduction from Malte Beyer-Katzenberger, Policy Officer at the European Commission




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