Global Data Marketplace

Meet 13,000+ organizations from 20 sectors worldwide to source, distribute, exchange or monetize your data, easily and securely.

A comprehensive set of features

Open, free or paid data

Take advantage of the flexibility of the data marketplace to exchange or monetize your data according to your business model.

Stay in control

Control and decide who can view and access your data.

Volume, variety, and speed

Quickly exchange and access all types of data -open, free or paid data- in all formats -datasets, APIs, raw data, refined data, insights- with no limitation.

Configurable licensing contract

Configure your data usage rights and set up a licensing contract that protects you, or import your own pre-existing active agreement.

Promote your data

Maximize the criteria settings, leverage the use of keywords and description to best promote your datasets, improve your data attractiveness and facilitate data matching.

Get samples of data

Use data diagnosis to quickly evaluate the quality and relevance of data regardless of quantity.

Search and easily access new sources

Define keywords to best describe your data or to receive alerts for new available data. Save your search results and view them at any time.

Receive notifications

Set up notifications preferences to ensure you'll see all opportunities and be informed when you need to take actions.

Set recurring transactions

Program and supervise your data exchanges and transactions over time.

Comply with data protection

Follow easy steps to comply with data regulations.

Benefit from easy Administration and traceability

Keep track and access all communication, history and transaction details at any time.

Always attended

Get fast answers and assistance thanks to contextual help and online support.

What criteria are used to evaluate data?


    Market position

    Reputation and trust in the data supplier



    Alternatives for finding comparable data



    Information that matches reality



    Representativity and history available



    Data refreshed regularly



    Additional effort to be usable



    Clear and detailed explanations



    Data operationally usable



    Data availability in the future



    Importance of decisions made with the data

Evaluate your data

Data visualization tools help you quickly evaluate the quality and relevance of data, regardless of the quantity. In addition, a representative data sample is generated automatically.

Security, compliance, and privacy

Data exchanges and transactions between public and private organizations rely on trust.



    Security and confidentiality are corporate values at Dawex. Attitudes and procedures related to the data, the Data Exchange technology and the information security are constantly monitored and regularly audited to ensure maximum reliability.




    Compliance with regulations

    Compliance to data regulations is more than a box-ticking exercise. Dawex is committed to staying on top of the latest regulations developments to best address and resolve our customers compliance challenges.



    Dawex Data Exchange technology has a privacy by-design and by-default approach that is complemented by sophisticated confidentiality features and end-to-end encryption to ensure the data exchanged is secure, untampered, and visible only to relevant parties.

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