Dawex Partners Network

Dawex works hand in hand with a global ecosystem of strategic partners to deliver the best solutions, services and consulting to bring your organization into the Data Economy.

Our partners

World-class corporations, consultancies and technology companies are collaborating with Dawex.

Key contributors bring our mission of creating the conditions of the development of the data economy to life, these trusted, best-in-class organizations are leveraging their resources, methodologies and tools to provide expert advice to companies building strategic and adapted Data Exchange strategies.

This ecosystem of partners allow us to support and complement our core competencies in order to optimize the benefits of Data Exchange for your organization.

Our global partners network work with you to:

  • Build Your Data Exchange Strategy

    Dawex expertise combined with the resources and knowledge of its network of partners help your organization build an all-inclusive Data Exchange strategy. From monetization, to open data, to acquiring external data with high value-added. Strategy-building includes: audits of your data assets, maturity studies, business cases, generating value from data, and establishing roadmaps.

  • Ensure Full Compliance With Data Regulations

    In order to fully leverage the benefits of data exchanges, your organization needs to comply with current regulations and prepare for future ones early on. Dawex partners will help you maximize sales opportunities while ensuring compliance and consumer protection: full compliance to GDPR rules and to the free flow of non-personal data principles.

  • Provide Engineering & Technology

    The best engineering service providers and data platform publishers work with you to define and implement strategies for collecting, anonymizing, and aggregating your data once acquired, or before you seek to monetize it.

  • Enable & Empower Data Trading

    Dawex works with selected qualified data traders to help organizations wishing to outsource the monetization & acquisition of their data. Data traders will follow your instructions in a strict contractual framework under your control.

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