18 May 2021 - 1 min read

Agricultural community harvests value of data with Dawex technology

The agricultural sector is highly digitized and data is a critically important asset. Individual farmers rely on data, as does cooperatives, research and educational entities, financial institutions, multinationals, and other downstream industries. Exchanging data helps every link in the food chain overcome challenges, optimize yields, and control costs.

To keep the data flowing, Agdatahub, convening more than 30 public and private stakeholders, turned to Dawex to create API-Agro, the Data Exchange Platform for the French and European agricultural sector. Today, the flourishing agricultural data marketplace provides a secure, compliant ecosystem for sourcing and exchanging both open and commercializable data.


Adapting to changing markets and staying competitive is a constant objective within the agriculture ecosystem. Relevant, timely data is how the industry not only survives change but thrives in the face of it. The group knew they needed a secure data exchange platform but they had several non-negotiable requirements.


  • - Proven security
  • - Easy, fast and scalable
    - Agri-specific
    - Traceability and data governance

Among the many solutions Agdatahub evaluated for their data exchange needs, only Dawex Data Exchange technology could meet all their criteria.


As the pioneering leader in the data economy, Dawex offers the specific technological expertise and experience Agdatahub needed to successfully manage API-Agro, its own Data Exchange Platform, and deliver on governance, security, scalability and data traceability, including the following features:


  • - An easy-to-use, customizable platform

  • - GDPR compliant with the ability to ensure data traceability

  • - Guaranteed licensing authenticity 

  • - Data accessibility in multiple formats

  • - Management capabilities of open data licenses and paid or free commercial data licenses

  • - The ability to offer tiered, subscription-based access.


Today, Agdatahub enables all platform participants in the French and European agricultural sectors to innovate, compete globally, and rely on data as a lever for growth.


Dive into the excitement of implementing a successful agricultural data exchange platform and hear from Sébastien Picardat, Agdatahub CEO, in this interview on how this deployment impacted the whole sector. 


Setting up and orchestrating an industry data ecosystem is a powerful business enabler. Go over how Agdatahub built a rich community to accelerate data circulation and federate data services.


Download the Agdatahub case study.



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