29 November 2023 - 1 min read

Dawex, co-founder of the French Association for Data Intermediation

Logo_AID_courtDawex is co-founder of the Association for Data Intermediation along with, Agdatahub, Hub One DataTrust, Apidae, Orange Business, and Promotheus-X, and Banque des Territoires as associated member. French professional association, AID - Association pour l’Intermédiation de Données aims at laying the foundations for a sustainable organization to develop trust, transparency and security in data transactions. The works conducted by the Association will focus on Legal, Technical and Economic matters to foster a strong and trustworthy data economy.

The Data Governance Act, entered in application in September 2023, introduced the important notion of data intermediaries and defined a set of rules for providers of data intermediation services to ensure that they will function as trustworthy organizers of data sharing and providers of data exchange services. Extending the scope to all types of data including industrial data, the DGA objective is to ultimately make more data available, create trust and stimulate data sharing & exchange. 

Expert in Data Exchange and strong contributor to building a trustworthy data economy, Dawex looks forward to taking an active role in further reinforcing trust and security in data exchange through the works conducted by AID. With greater access to data, more secure data exchanges, and an increased number of trustworthy data intermediaries, the positive impacts will be numerous for all stakeholders in the private and public sectors. 

To learn more about the Association, read the press release [French]