2 December 2022 - 3 min read

Data exchange key milestone: Gaia-X publications propelling data exchange

A real momentum propelling data exchange

On November 25, 2022, Gaia-X, the European association whose objective is to enable a secure, open and sovereign use of data in Europe, published three major documents that are propelling data exchange:


  • The Trust Framework
  • The Reference Architecture
  • The Data Exchange Services Specification


Resulting from several months of active work, collaboration and discussions, these publications are a huge milestone for data exchange as they support the development of secure, trustworthy data ecosystems to foster a sovereign data economy.


These comprehensive texts also demonstrate the maturity of the data exchange technology by structuring and defining what data exchange should be, and confirm the major opportunities generated through the creation of data ecosystems.

Towards guiding principles for data exchange

The Architecture Document is the centerpiece of Gaia-X as it describes the Gaia-X top-level Architecture model, the aim and means of the association along with the fundamental concepts and terms of the Gaia-X Architecture, including the ones of Data Exchange.


The Trust Framework is of utmost importance as it presents the baseline in order to be part of the Gaia-X ecosystem. It defines the technical means to describe in a standardized way the participants and services, to bring transparency, control and create trust among the participants in a data ecosystem in order to give proof of who they are, what they do and how they do it.


The Data Exchange Services Specification defines the vocabulary for data exchange, sets the definition of data exchange services as well as conceptual & operational models, data exchange policies and ontologies for data exchange to deliver trust, interoperability, discoverability and traceability to the data economy. This first edition of the document delivers essential definitions such as what is a data product, how to put data products on a market, how to manage consent, or how to keep track of the exchanges. Dawex has been invited by Gaia-X to lead the Data Exchange Services Specification Working Group, with IDSA as co-lead. The publication by Gaia-X of the Data Exchange Services Specification document is resulting from an intensive collaboration between members of the Data Exchange Services Working Group. The group gathered organizations from 8 countries, representing a diversity of industries including technology, cloud, finance, telecommunications, automotive and energy, who worked diligently for 6 months to deliver a comprehensive specification paper for data exchange.

The exceptional maturity of Data Exchange Technology

As part of the three documents, the Trust Framework specification is intended to be the cornerstone of Gaia-X compliance. Therefore implementing the Gaia-X Trust Framework means being in line with the Gaia-X Reference Architecture. Initial discussions have taken place regarding providing test environments (testbeds) that are dedicated to proving by code the proper implementation of the Trust framework.


With the latest publication by Gaia-X of the Trust Framework 22.10, Dawex is pleased to announce that Dawex Data Exchange Technology is implementing the latest version of the Trust Framework. This is a great confirmation of Dawex vision and technological direction for data exchange, and this is an outstanding achievement.


Following the publication of the Data Governance Act regulations back in April, this is yet another illustration of Dawex leadership. By choosing Dawex Data Exchange solutions, organizations, looking at creating data ecosystems around data exchange platforms, data marketplaces, data sharing or data hubs, are relying on the most advanced, mature and sophisticated Data Exchange technology on the market.


The works conducted by Gaia-X on the Reference Architecture, the Trust Framework and the Data Exchanges Services specification are demonstrating an exceptional technical maturity achieved to deliver secure, flexible and traceable data exchanges.


One can foresee that further down the road, aligning with the Gaia-X Reference Architecture and Trust Framework will be a prerequisite for the development of European data spaces.

Data Exchange going through a real breakthrough

The latest Gaia-X advancements mark a real momentum for data exchange and for all organizations. Public and private organizations engaging in building data ecosystems will now be able to rely on guiding principles that will ensure they keep control over who accesses their data, for which purpose and under which terms, that is essential to building trust and retaining data sovereignty.


This a huge step forward for data exchange and for the data economy in general as it:

  • Sets guiding principles to what data exchange should be
  • Creates common understanding and vocabulary around data exchange
  • Defines the prerequisites for data ecosystems and data infrastructures
  • Brings trust, data protection, transparency, security, portability and flexibility
  • Illustrates the maturity and sophistication of the data exchange technology
  • Aligns data spaces towards a recognized trust framework
  • Demonstrates the importance of creating data ecosystems
  • Accelerates innovation through data circulation
  • Fosters a strong and resilient data economy


As a recognized expert in Data Exchange, Dawex actively contributed to the collaborative works of Gaia-X set to structure and define the principles around data exchanges. Creating ecosystems around data exchange platforms, that meet regulatory requirements and address traceability and security challenges, have become a fundamental component of business competitiveness and economic sovereignty.


The works conducted by the Gaia-X Association and its Members, representing more than 350 organizations, demonstrated how open work and collaboration can create an impact, and may serve as a source of inspiration for those around the world who are looking for a trust data economy.


Watch Frédéric Bellaiche, PhD and Dawex Vice-President Technology & Research, interview during the Gaia-X Market-X Conference & Expo in Vienna



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