10 October 2023 - 1 min read

Data & Deforestation - How to

The World Economic Forum recently published a piece on how data can make the EU's deforestation regulation fair and workable.


The EU's groundbreaking regulation requiring businesses to demonstrate deforestation-free imports of agricultural commodities is a significant step towards combating deforestation. However, effective implementation and fairness present new challenges that need to be addressed.


According to the article, Agriculture is responsible for over 90% of tropical deforestation, contributing to 11% of global carbon emissions. To tackle this issue, it is crucial to address international commodity supply chains and ensure their sustainability.


Transparent communication and consultation with producing countries are essential to establish a fair, objective, and data-driven framework for enforcement checks. By incorporating detailed data, such as crop and deforestation maps, from countries like Brazil and Indonesia, the EU can enhance its approach to deforestation regulation.


One approach worth considering is the classification of regions within countries based on their share of commodity-linked deforestation, such as satellite data, among other sources. This nuanced risk classification would allow for simplified disclosure requirements and less intensive enforcement checks, reducing compliance costs while maintaining regulatory objectives.


Data exchange platforms such as Space Data Marketplace, powered by Dawex technology, can play a significant role in sharing Earth Observation data & addressing deforestation. By leveraging data exchange capabilities, stakeholders can access, distribute and share highly valuable data related to environmental challenges, enabling informed decision-making and promoting sustainable practices.


Collaboration between the EU and producing countries is crucial to solve the challenge of deforestation. Through expertise and data exchanges, financial contributions, and localized incentives, the article states it is possible to support the enforcement of land regulation and encourage responsible farming practices.


By harnessing the power of data exchange and embracing innovative data exchange platforms like Space Data Marketplace, the world can create a greener and more sustainable future.


Read the full World Economic Forum article on the EU's deforestation regulation.



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