5 March 2021 - 1 min read

A report and a toolbox to promote data exchange in France

On December 23, 2020 got published the Report promoting a French Public Data Policy from of Eric Bothorel, member of French Parliament, in association with Stéphanie Combes, head of Health Data Hub, and Renaud Vedel, French Coordinator for AI. The document expressed many recommendations which are consistent with the global dynamic towards building data policies and frameworks to support the circulation of data across reliable and orchestrated ecosystems.


We are witnessing the multiplication of this type of initiatives and regulations, such as the Data Governance Act, Gaia-X, the Japan Data Exchange, the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Data Policy, the Data Exchange Association (DXA). For their proper implementation, the report recommended the creation of interconnected cross-sector data hubs, which ensure the interoperability of data circulating between them.


The report also highlighted sectoral initiatives: Agdatahub for agriculture (read our case study), Numalim for food, Apidae for tourism and Alliance Culture Data for cultural and creation productions. They deployed Europe-wide data ecosystems, each bringing together public and private stakeholders. These initiatives have to serve as inspiring and pioneer precedents to set up data ecosystems in other sectors.


In the same spirit, the Banque des Territoires - the French public organization that offers consulting and finance solutions in the form of loans and investment for the development of the national territory - released early January 2021 a toolbox to help local governments take their part in the data economy. These documents provided guidance on data strategies, data management, and detailed contractual best practices. There is a strong willingness to go beyond open data as data from the private sector needs to "meet and dialogue with" data from the public sector in order to contribute to the greater societal good. This requires a secure environment because public and private data answer to different legal and economic logic.


The conclusions of the Bothorel report and the toolbox published by the Banque des Territoires point out an urgent need to develop trusted infrastructures to encourage the circulation and exchange of data. At the same time, they show a promising future for the implementation of these trusted data exchange infrastructures at the national level.



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