1 February 2019 - 2 min read

Personal data: European Commission adopts adequacy decision on Japan

Personal data: European Commission adopts adequacy decision on Japan"

On January 23, 2019, the European Commission adopted its adequacy decision on Japan. This decision notably allows the free flow of personal data between Europe and Japan.

Dawex welcomes this news, having signed a collaboration agreement with the Japanese company Kanematsu.
The economic and strategic partnership agreement between the European Union and Japan represents an open trade area comprising more than 635 million people, covering one third of the world's total GDP.

Many trade restrictions between the two world powers have been eliminated. This notably includes customs duties on food products and industrial products. The agreement also promotes other aspects, including exports, opening service markets, and protecting geographical indications.

Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented, the European Commission has been uncompromising about personal data protection. For personal data transfers to be allowed between Europe and any outside country, the European Commission must officially recognize that the legal system in the country in question offers an adequate level of protection. When protection is deemed sufficient, the European Commission can then adopt an adequacy decision.

At a conference organized by Petit Web in September 2018, Dawex co-founder Laurent Lafaye reminded people that Japan has a GDPR equivalent to that in Europe. The land of the rising sun was thus a potential privileged partner for data exchanges.

In adopting its decision, the European Commission verified many different criteria. This includes the country's data protection rules and security measures; the existence of an independent control authority with the power to sanction, assist, and advise; as well as an assessment of international commitments relating to protecting personal data.

Modernized legislation concerning data protection in Japan was certainly also a factor for the European Commission's decision to confirm its choice. The Japanese government has taken measures to ensure that data protection guarantees are compliant with European standards. Among other things, these guarantees include reinforced protection for sensitive data and individual rights, as well as assurance that any use of personal data shall be limited to that which is "necessary" and "appropriate".

Dawex is pleased with this development. The French company, which has received awards and funding from the European Commission, has already established ties with Japanese companies.

Aware of the important role to be played by Japan in the global data economy, Dawex's two co-founders, Fabrice Tocco and Laurent Lafaye, signed a collaboration agreement with Kanematsu, a Japanese company. The goal of this collaboration is to promote Dawex technology among Japanese companies and organizations, while highlighting its data sharing and exchange platform.

The European Commission's adequacy decision therefore opens the path for major data exchange actions. This is excellent news for Dawex and the thousands of members on its global data marketplace.