15 January 2019 - 1 min read

Api-Agro chooses Dawex to run its data exchange platform

Api-Agro chooses Dawex to run its data exchange platform

Api-Agro chose Dawex and Outscale to run its new secure and independent data exchange platform. The platform is designed exclusively to meet the needs of the farming community.

This selection shows real trust in Dawex, which invests continually in its marketplace technology for organizations around the world in many vertical markets.
Api-Agro is the main exchange platform for French and European data in the farming sector. Its goal is to promote competitiveness and innovation in the farming sector at a national and European level.

Api-Agro is updating its service offering to reach this objective, proposing independent and secure technology technology designed for the entire farming ecosystem. By choosing Dawex and Outscale (a leading Cloud Computing provider), Api-Agro would like to offer technologies that ensure total security as part of trusted relationships to users sharing data on its platform.

In addition, Api-Agro president Sebastien Windsor emphasizes Dawex's recognized expertise in the data economy, which must enable platform users to adapt to market changes and promote new uses for their data: " Represented by Api-Agro shareholders, stakeholders in the farming world benefit from these technologies giving them a European platform that is essential for helping French farm producers and players in the sector remain competitive in a context marked by strong rivalry among American and Chinese companies."

Fabrice Tocco, co-founder of Dawex, points out: " The new data economy is not just for stakeholders in the digital sector. Api-Agro is the perfect example of a company that unites many stakeholders in the farming sector, enabling each one to take advantage of a growth lever derived from sharing and circulating data, while also taking digital independence into account from the outset."

As part of this collaboration, Dawex has demonstrated that its data marketplace technology is designed for more than just companies in the digital sector. Regardless of their business sector, all companies now produce a large amount of data. They all have the potential to exchange, source, or sell data to develop their business activity.