14 December 2018 - 1 min read

Dawex enters a business alliance with Japan-based Kanematsu

Dawex enters a business alliance with Japan-based Kanematsu

Dawex and Kanematsu announced today a business alliance for jointly promoting Dawex technology in Japan, announcing at the same time their joint participation to a Proof of Concept initiative, organized by the Data Trading Alliance and the Internet Association Japan, that will address various data trading use cases amongst Japanese corporations.

Companies worldwide are using more and more data to operate their business. Some of this data can be sourced externally from other companies. It can also be monetized and generate new revenue streams. Japanese companies are increasingly seeing the opportunity to create value from sharing and trading data.

Kanematsu, a global trading company founded in 1889 providing a broad array of products and services in various markets, including Electronics & Devices, Foods & Grain, Steel, Materials & Plant, Motor Vehicles & Aerospace, is envisioning the emergence of a strong data trading economy worldwide and has decided to partner with Dawex in order to contribute to the development of this new economy and to promote data exchange between Japanese companies, leveraging Dawex expertise, and promoting Dawex data marketplace and trading platform.

Dawex is the leading provider of data trading platform technology and the operator of the largest global data marketplace, where thousands of companies and organizations worldwide meet to source, trade and commercialize any types of data, from customer data to logistic data to IoT data. Data exchanges are highly secured and include the use of blockchain-based smart contracts. Dawex Private Data Exchange technology is also used by corporations, in a white label mode, to orchestrate data flows within their organization, and between key partners in their privately-controlled data ecosystem. Dawex sees in Kanematsu a trusted partner for promoting its technology and vision in Japan.

Dawex and Kanematsu business alliance includes the promotion of Dawex technology amongst Japanese companies and organizations, as well as their participation to a Proof of Concept (PoC) organized by the Data Trading Alliance - which includes more than 100 private Japanese corporations -, and the Internet Association Japan. The goal of this initiative is to develop practical data transaction use cases. Dawex provides its data marketplace and exchange platform, allowing participants to the PoC to operate monetized data transactions, including historical data file exchanges as well as data streaming use cases.

For more information about the business alliance and the PoC, please contact Dawex at: press@dawex.com