29 October 2018 - 1 min read

European Commission: the future of the data economy

European Commission: the future of the data economy

On October 22, 2018, Dawex had the honor of participating in a workshop organized by the European Commission. The main focus of the event was the future of the data economy in Europe.

Dawex co-CEO Fabrice Tocco shared his perspective on the European data market and the methods that Europe can leverage to meet economic, societal, and competitive challenges thanks to data.

One of the main methods presented by the Dawex co-founder was to make it easier for private companies and public organizations to exchange data. This essential step must be supported by European bodies, then broadly adopted by market stakeholders so that they can create added value from their data.

Another possibility is to leverage an organization that accelerates data sharing between private and public sectors. In fact, that is already the case in some international markets, such as with the Data Trading Alliance in Japan.

Once again, Dawex and the European Commission work together to promote the data economy in Europe. European authorities have already consulted the French company for many events and reports, such as the Everis Webinar.