23 October 2018 - 2 min read

Dawex invited by Petit Web to talk about marketing and sales relationship

Dawex invited by Petit Web to talk about the new relationship between commerce and marketing

Commerce or marketing: why that is no longer the question”. That was the main theme for the full-format conference organized by Petit Web (FR) on October 16, 2018 in Paris.

Dawex co-founder Fabrice Tocco was invited by Petit Web as an expert in the data market and economy to participate in a day of discussion about the growing influence of data for advertisers.

All companies today create huge amounts of data. This inflation has recently disrupted the market's marketing mix. Whereas the "4 Ps" model – Product, Price, Promotion, and Place – had been relevant since the 1960s, it has now been replaced by the "4 Rs": Recognition, Remembering, Recommendation, and Relevance.

Clearly, organizations seek to acquire and analyze data about customer behavior in order to optimize their products and services.

In turn, customers want a smooth and seamless buying journey, regardless of the sector in question. Brands can leverage data and data analysis to create new services that reach beyond their traditional business activities. This strategy enables them to understand customer needs and consumption trends. As a result, commercial interfaces are invading people's daily space on their smartphones, at home, and even in the street.

In China, data exchange between brands and distributors has already been implemented to improve the customer experience. For example, that is the case with Mondelez and Alibaba. In France, Fnac Darty and the Seb group have used technology that promotes impulse purchases on e-commerce sites by recreating online versions of classic animated commercials. The effort resulted in a significant increase in e-commerce and in-store sales.

Without a doubt, companies are shaping their future by leveraging the data they can collect, analyze, and exchange. Organizations exchange data to acquire key information that they could not otherwise obtain on their own, or in the context of the business sector.

Invited to participate in the day's discussions, Fabrice Tocco addressed the following issue: "How can advertisers exchange data and generate value from their data?." In this context, the Dawex CEO presented the global data marketplace that enables companies to exchange, acquire, and sell data in a secure and reliable environment. Thousands of companies have already met on the platform. The momentum once again shows that organizations are becoming aware of the emerging importance of the data economy.

Society's current trend towards digitalization has made data a key factor for business and global economic development. Taking part in this fast-growing economy is an opportunity for companies to develop their activity and increase revenue. Dawex and its worldwide data marketplace enables companies to get together in a secure environment and generate revenue by commercializing and exchanging data.