16 October 2018 - 1 min read

Dawex, Huawei, and IDATE Digiworld talk about "connected life"

Dawex and Huawei talk about “connected life”

At Huawei's Open Lab conference in Paris, Dawex co-founder Fabrice Tocco had the opportunity to speak with Shi Weiliang (CEO of Huawei) and Jacques Moulin (CEO of IDATE DigiWorld) on the topic: " From connected car to connected life."

Since 1977, IDATE DigiWorld has been recognized as one of the leading European institutes focusing on the digital economy. Specialized in telecoms markets, Internet, media, and the digital space, its teams provide consulting and research services for over 400 major companies and public-sector decision-makers.

IDATE DigiWorld organized a conference at Huawei's Open Lab to focus on the topic of digitalization in society using the example of connected vehicles.

With its Connected Vehicle Solution, Huawei uses the OceanConnect IoT platform to support digital transformation for automobile manufacturers. This involves transmitting vehicle data to a Cloud platform in a secure, reliable, and efficient manner. In particular, the data helps improve both manufacturing and maintenance while reducing manufacturing costs.

Dawex shared its expertise on the topic of data in the automobile sector as well as in IoT, the Internet of Things. The development of connected cars is a prime example of our society's digital transformation. One of the consequences of these changes is the production of a very large quantity of data, which represents precious information.

If data can be used to support in-house company development, such as by increasing productivity or lowering costs, that data can be considered as a real asset. In fact, monetizing your data with other organizations in different sectors represents a good opportunity to generate sources of revenue.

The example of connected cars may also be applied to people's everyday lives. In that context, connected objects such as watches, voice-activated assistants, and even home appliances, also create huge amounts of data. Just like data generated by connected cars, everyday data also contains useful information for understanding consumer behavior, adjusting product offerings, and lowering production costs, while also generating revenue.

The Dawex global data marketplace enables companies in all sectors to exchange that type of data. The 5,500 companies already registered on Dawex include companies in the automotive and IoT sectors that monetize large amounts of data.