28 June 2018 - 1 min read

Agridatadays 2018: Dawex shines light on AI for agriculture

Agridatadays 2018: Dawex shines light on AI for agriculture

On June 21, 2018, the farming world had its eyes set on Agridatadays.

The stakes were high for this industry, involving the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to maximize business competitiveness in the sector. The concept is still not entirely clear, though it raises both hopes and fears. Fabrice Tocco, co-founder of Dawex, shared his perspective on the importance of collaboration between companies, experts, and mathematicians in helping AI to emerge.

Many key questions were discussed in order to clarify things for farming and agri-food sector stakeholders. The Agridatadays event comes as a follow-up on the Villani report, which covers the main recommendations for developing AI in France, notably in the agriculture-agronomics sector.

The day had many objectives. First of all, it was intended to establish the link existing between artificial intelligence and data. While that link is considered as being critical for helping farmers and businesses in the sector increase their competitiveness, it is still important to define concrete examples of competitiveness levers that demonstrate the technology’s merits.

Another major objective during the discussions is to illustrate how Europe, China, and the United States are positioned in their use of AI. That discussion is then certain to lead to France's position and its action methods for staying in touch with those major markets.

And, as mentioned earlier, Dawex participated in a round table on the topic: “How can AI and agriculture meet the AI challenge?”. Fabrice Tocco, co-founder of Dawex, spoke with:

  • Cédric Villani (mathematician, LREM representative)
  • Raphaël Appert (First Deputy Chairman of the Crédit Agricole National Federation)
  • Gilles Babinet (French Digital Champion to the EU)
  • Jean-Baptiste Moreau (farmer, LREM representative)
  • Emmanuel Vauquelin (farmer, President of Visio-Green),
  • Jérémie Wainstain (CEO of TheGreenData).

Alongside these six distinguished individuals and experts, Fabrice Tocco shared his perspective with a very broad overview of the future projects that will enable the farming and agri-food industry to adopt AI.

The main topics covered included: “sector and regional platforms”, “trust among stakeholders”, collaboration between “experts and mathematicians, and creating marketplaces”.

Dawex has set a date with big data in agriculture, once again demonstrating the company’s expertise in the field of data circulation and value generation, regardless of the business sector.